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Inflexible, seemingly uncaring,

The whole impression I have had was that a complete lack of interest in my circumstance. Although there was an apology it was very much not heartfelt and gave the impression that Made was not interested in my predicament! It was not my mistake that I was delivered the wrong items on Saturday - I had clearly ordered the correct furniture as both my order paperwork and the delivery paperwork matched but the physical items delivered did not! I had a host of confusing and contradicting messages given to me - firstly I had a reply to my email i sent on Sunday night saying basically there were no items that I ordered in the warehouse so I would have to wait another further 10 weeks!!!! I ask what had been ordered? Secondly, I then called on Monday morning and although the service rep was extremely sympathetic she promised to call or email me later on Monday when she had investigated my circumstance - this never happened? I called Made once again at 19:16 on Monday night and spoke to another Service rep - he was again sympathetic and also gave me the information that there was indeed a sofa unit that I had ordered in the warehouse???? Not sure where this has now materiaised from? He then told me that it would be 5 days before this sofa unit would be dispatched to a 3rd party courier (then it could be another week to deliver?) - I questioned if this could be reduced in this circumstance as it was indeed not my mistake that I had been delivered the wrong items of furniture. He told me that was not at all possible and there was absolutely no flexibility in reducing this 5 day dispatch time - extremely disappointing that as a company this no flexibility to at least try to show customers some recompense for errors like this ( I would hope these would be rare occasions for Made but the fact that there is nothing that you as a company have that you could appease a customer with is rather disappointing). I am left right now without a sofa in my house as I had already disposed of my old sofa in anticipation (and a little excitement) of receiving a new one - and also the fact that I did not have the space to accommodate or store an old sofa. I just got the the overall impression from Made that in fact there was no care, compassion and real understanding and the only thing i can think why this is that they already had been paid (indeed 10 weeks earlier?!). This kind of customer service does not inspire me to purchase any other goods from Made again - indeed I am still waiting for my already paid for goods and wait in anticipation for the correct items to arrive in another 2 weeks I am told, as there is no way to expedite this!

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