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Save you self a lot of hassle and money avoid card save

I've been trying to change my bank account details with card save for months now and still haven;t been able to. They have told me I have to sign up to a new 12 month agreement if I want to do this as my company is now limited.

I don't want to sign up for another 12 months, I want to cancel completely but have been trapped into a new contract, I did try and cancel their services 2 weeks before my 12 month contract was up for renewal, turns out you have to give a months notice prior to the new contract starting, something which is banned in most other industries. they also say I have to pay £150 on top of 12 months fees. the £150 is for terminal rental, I don't have a terminal as I only use them for an online portal. They say it is the same thing. Not sure in what reality that might be. How can cancelling something virtual incure a cost of £150.

If you do sign with card save be aware that you they will expect a minimum cancellation fee of £150 no matter what you do after 12 months has expired and you have to cancel before 11 months has passed. Something which I consider highly unethical. If they tell you anything different its a lie, and they just want the sale, knowing you will be trapped once you sign.

I should also point out that I met one of there reps when I was looking at a physical card machine 6 months into contract . I questioned the exit fee as I'd seen alot of people talking about it on the net. The Rep claimed to know nothing about it and after phoning the office told me it only applied if you cancelled before 12months. This is a complete lie . When you talk to anyone at cardsave about cancelling the first thing they tell you about is the fee. They seem very keen to do so. In case you think maybe the rep was new, he told me he'd been there 10 years or so. He was the Derby rep so beware.

In short avoid card save there system is designed to trap customers into a contract and make it grossly expensive to leave.

17 October 2013

Reply from CardSave

Good Morning Phil

Thank you for taking the time to post your review, We are sorry that you feel that our usual high standards of service were not met in this instance and I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. We value your feedback, as this can help us understand our customers needs and to improve our services to you.

Since your review i am please to confirm that we have been in touch and agreed a positive resolution to your issues.

If you require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Clive Kahn, Chief Executive

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