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Long-term customer (6+ years)

Love these guys - it's the only place I get my bike equipment from (unless I need it same day). Absolutely recommended. Only ever had a problem once, which was swiftly dealt with in a non-quibble like manner. Customer for life!


Bugs & Customer Service is a real let down.

Cheap and convenient is how I sum 123Reg up when it comes to positives. It's for this sole reason why I keep many of my low priority projects with them. Anything of any value, where you're expecting issues to be sorted asap - steer clear!

Over the years, every single time I have an issue that 123Reg need to sort out, it becomes a real slog out of message in their support section. Without going in to detail, I'm suspecting a lot of their support staff are not English by native tongue, which is incredibly frustrating when you want something to be working, but because it takes a while for replies and then responses either a) not making sense or, what I find most of the time b) not reading what you've wrote. For me, support is a big area for improvement for these guys. However, still better than the majority.

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Open & Honest.

Sales people, I detest them with a passion. As a business owner, I don't need any sales patter, my time is at a premium, so what I do need, especially when it comes to merchant accounts is clear and transparent UPFRONT pricing.

This company was easily found via a Google search for 'card processing' and when I compared to the competitors, it was much easier to find out exactly how much I'd pay due to their online quote and signup process and not having to call, or request a call back.

Highly recommended.

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