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Bought Reliable Laptop 5yrs ago - still going strong

I bought an Inspiron 9400 with Office Professional & XP & never had problems. I have been very relieved & had countless hours of access for one or a million reasons. I am very satisfied. I also bought a little netbook & had problems where there was no ouibble - they took it back within the warrantee period fixed it & returned it fast. They were very generous with me & I appreciate it greatly.


Amazon = Perfection

I have used Amazon many, many times & rarely disappointed. I find it very effcient & suppliers very honorable. How life has been made better by this wonderful company! Prices are also very competitive & often the cheapest.


Tesco, Warrington

We have shopped here for years and travel a long way to get there. We also visit another superstore in the area. Geographically, for us it is handy, has many items we need or want at competitive prices & is accessible for people in wheelchairs. We usually don't have major problems with parking, although its always busy on a Saturday. There is plenty of space once inside & loads of products to look at - if you enjoy meandering! There is also a good choice of brands.

However, parking has been set out in such a way you may need to walk where cars are driving, parking or reversing. Other car parks in other superstores have an aisle in between rows of parked cars for pedestrians, wheel chairs & trollies. This facility is limited in Warrington.

Finding a shallow trolley has become a major issue over the last 12 - 18mths. Apparently, through some research I did talking with staff, it seems local residents, for unethical reasons, are taking the trollies off Tesco's property & not returning them. Staff from Tesco said they would be putting barriers of a kind around the boundaries of Tesco's land to deter this behaviour. Apparently this has not been carried through. It means people, who may not be officially registered 'disabled' but have back problems/suffer pain from bending and can find loading and unloading food from a deeper, bigger trolley a painful experience. I imagine Tesco's would not like their customers associating their shopping experience with pain???? The time span this has been going on for sends a clear message that Tesco is not overly concerned about the struggling shoppers can go through.

There is a cafe available which is affordable & generally reliable for having all the basics at affordable prices. Personally, I find it basic with very measured portions and customer service that is more indifferent than friendly. I'm not convinced a private company is the best way to go & wonder if the cafe was owned by Tesco is could afford to make portions a little more generous and improve working conditions so staff are happier and friendlier. Often, shoppers come from a very varied backgrounds and ofen have many pressures of every day life. Personally, I would love to see a more empathatic, personalised & relaxing atmosphere where shoppers can look forward to a little 'break & wind down' in the cafe. I usually buy a plate of chips but have noticed the price creep up and the number of chips go down & I think this is a bit mean when chips have to be one of the most cheapest products to make and sell. Butter used to free and now its 15p. I also occasionally order a baked potato where the potatoes are a medium to small size & a bit on the dry side, presented with a little side salad. Although, I would say it is sufficient & 'fills a hole' - it still looks a little bleak.


O2 = No Probs

Initially I went through Carphone Warehouse & never had substantial connection issues & the price plan was reasonable. They also supplied my a very reliable handset. I have been very pleased. I have just recently changed my contract/price plan to match my current employment. I am dealing with O2 direct & so far I have found them very easy & convenient to deal with. I have been a customer for about 4 yrs.

Victorian Plumbing

Victorian Push Plates Received Fast & Effecient

I recieved my order of Victorian Push Plates in a timely manner with the high standard of ouality expected. Customer Service seems efficient and reliable. Prices, inlcuding postage are competitive with the shop floor. Many thanks.

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