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Never using FV again, disgusted by the customer service!

Bought the paloma sofa bank holiday Monday in August. After recently buying a new flat in Chelmsford I needed two beds and a sofa. My parents who live in London have always bought sofas from FV, I remember going there as a child. Bank Holiday Monday first thing in the morning went with the folks to FV to sort out the sofa, I found one I liked and asked for the gentleman how long to delivery, he said 3 weeks if I took it in white. This was perfect as I needed it in 4weeks and wanted it in white, so I told him I was going to buy my beds and I would come back to pay. As I thought I had found a sofa to be delivered in my time frame I didn't look else where. Going back to FV in the evening I was told by a different sales assistance the information I had been given was incorrect and delivery was 9weeks. I wasn't keen on waiting so was ready to leave without purchasing it. The sales assistance said to me he would provide me with a temporary sofa if that was the issue. They would deliver this whilst I waited for my actual one. He cleared this with the manager and I went ahead with the order. I made it extremely clear that my billing address was in London (parents house) and my delivery address was in Chelmsford. I was reassured this was not a problem. I only needed to tell them my moving in date for the flat. A couple of weeks later I gave them a call to say I was moving in. I was told they couldn't deliver the temporary sofa as it was too far, but they would deliver it to the London address (what use would this be!). I was assured I would be contacted and surprise surprise I wasn't. I called the store manager to complain. He made a load of false promises. I was told the day after I would be called with a delivery date for this temp sofa and I would have it that week. Its 8weeks from when I placed my order and he has not called back. Every time I called after that, I was told he was too busy. I gave up contacting the store. I am fed up with all these false promises. The sofa is due for delivery around the 28th and I have not got high hopes. Lucky I've got used to fitting on the hard wood floor, as from the reviews below I don't expect the last hurdle of this process to go smoothly. To top it off when I placed my order the salesman asked why I didn't buy my beds from FV. Thank god I didn't I'd still be sleeping on the floor. Appalling customer service. Ive gone as far as telling friends not to buy from FV, and in the last month 3 people I know have bought properties. From a fantastic company I used to tell everyone about I can't believe this is what its turned into!

28 October 2013

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Really sorry for all the inconvenience caused, it must be very annoying for you.

We are going to make sure you are contacted today to sort this out as quickly as possible.
Thanks for letting us know the store got in touch. We'll make sure you are called as soon as your order arrives.

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