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Carpet Runners UK

Beautiful carpet runner.

Beautiful carpet runner for upstairs and downstairs landing.

Only problem is that the carpet runner is constantly moving despite having bought the separate underlay to stop this - disappointed that we are constantly having to straighten the runner when it is walked on- apart from that - a good quality carper for the price. Great bonus is that you are able to have the runners cut to any size to meet your requirement needs.
Would buy this product again without hesitation.

Poles & Blinds

great honest company

Bought a beautiful solid curtain pole in satin nickel with facettet finials-
fantastic buy- million % happy- will buy from this company again without hesitation- have saved this company on my favorites status on my laptop.
A+A+A+ customer satisfaction.

Country House Outdoor


First class experience with this company- very helpful and supportive when boots ordered (Duberry Wexford style) had to be returned for smaller size- (this style of boot I personally found to be big fitting, so from personal experience it would be advisable to go down one size when ordering).
Also just a slight word of caution; Remember to print off their own returns form from your log-in page account if you need to return items and qualify for free delivery. If you are unable to print or access this returns form, you can contact them and they will send you one on.
I myself was unable to find and print off the returns form on my log-in account page solely because I thought the Green- RETURN icon button on that page would divert me back to the home page if i clicked on it, not so- this is where you WILL find the printable returns forms.I found this out after having had to pay the cost of having to return my books back to the company for a replacement size.
I contacted customer services about the above issues that were of concern to me and suggested that the Green icon button on their web page should read RETURNS not RETURN. Haven spoken to customer services about this issue they agreed and refunded me half the cost of postage and packaging I payed for the return of the boots and they also took onboard my concerns regarding the wording of the green icon. Despite this hiccup- my experience with this company was outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone and would definitely buy from this company again.


Response to eletricshops comment

Dear electricshop.com
My husband has not yet received a call back from yourselves at his place of work regarding this ongoing issue with the Manhattan Silver American Fridge Freezer. As i stated earlier in my previous comments, you need to speak to your delivery man who verified with me that the apliance was infact stainless steel in colour and NOT Manhattan Silver- he also said that this happens all the time-You also need to ask him why he did not take photos of the appliance on my drive if you/he needed proof of its colour in stead of them being taken back at the warehouse once the appliance had left my property Also why would i send something back which i had been desperately been in need of and had been waiting for for weeks- your listings for the product was by far the cheapest on line and exactly what we had researched - so WHY would i put my self out of pocket by sending it back to your selves other than knowing it to have been the wrong colour- what arrived on my drive was Not a Manhattan Silver American Fridge freezer and i totally dispute your reply and previous comments and as i have said this matter is still ongoing and needs to be resolved.
P.S My husband only agreed to the refund to enable us to purchase a more expensive suitable replacement product less 10% which did not include the stocking fee which you subsequently did charge us for. We fully expect these charges to be reimbursed as goods bought were not delivered.

29 April 2011

Reply from Strangewood Ltd

Dear Mrs Lowes,

08/04/11 you rang to advise you have received a silver appliance and you had ordered Manhattan Silver, and the order had been refused on delivery.

We initially advised we would listen to the calls to see what had been ordered and respond accordingly.

We requested and received a photograph of the order from our carriers to help us with our enquires and it clearly states Manhattan Silver on the Box.

We advised that there would be a 10% restock fee and £35.00 carriage applied as we had despatched what had been ordered.

There appeared to be some confusion as the invoice describes the appliance as silver, however the packing is quite clearly describes it in full as Manhattan Silver. Hence Mrs Lowes advised us that she would not pay any charges.

12/04/11 we received a call advising that this was in dispute however requested the refund minus the restock and delivery charge processed immediately. We were also advised that if we continued to insist we had sent the correct model once it had arrived back and been checked the matter would be taken further. The refund was processed the same day as per the request.

At this point we instructed our carriers to return the appliance to our warehouse ASAP, it arrived back with us on 14/04/11 and it was confirmed as Manhattan Silver as per the order.

On 19/04/11 we left a message with the builder requesting you contact us. We have not received a response, just this review. Had we supplied the wrong appliance we would have refunded in full as per our initial response, however on further investigation this was not the case.

We supplied the order as requested in good faith. It was correct as per the order Manhattan Silver.

electricshop.com team

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