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Never using Getmein again

Due to a technical error their end they emailed me saying my payment had been declined, so I went to a different website to buy my ticket. Getmein sent me the ticket the next day - apparently my payment had suddenly been accepted. I explained the situation, said that they told me the transaction had been unsuccessful and so I had gone and bought a ticket elsewhere, and they said it was my fault and that they would not refund me for my ticket. I could not sell the ticket because the event was on the same day, so I basically ended up paying for 2 tickets and using only 1 thanks to Getmein's technical glitch and appalling customer service. It is the second time i experience problems due to an error their end but they will not be a third, as I will not use them or their parent company, Ticketmaster, ever again.

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Patricia Antúnez
London, United Kingdom