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Misleading and liars

Company communication - zero.

I had been looking for a cheapish decent wooden 6 seater garden table and chair set that would last for a couple of years before investing in a more expensive one that would last for 10-15 years. I did a search on Goggle and found a lot of rather expensive garden furniture companies. I do realise that different woods do cost completely different amounts of money. I had particularly liked the Portland set on the Greenfingers website as it looked solid, hard wearing, well made, excellent value and of a good quality.

Still a bit unsure whether to buy this set as I could get cheaper sets elsewhere. I read reviews on Greenfingers. All they had were good reviews saying that their order had been delivered within days of ordering and were really great value. My mind was made up so I placed my order. On their website it stated that delivery was up to 10 days. As I placed my order after business hours this would be dealt with the following day.

After a few days I went online to check for any status updates and could not find any order tracking so I emailed them hoping to hear some good news and I would one of the 47% that get delivery within 5 days of ordering. I got a response almost immediately, which I thought was great. However I was none the wiser as my reply stated that a delivery date could not be given at that time. I asked a few other questions about whether they used their own van or courier company, which was not answered. I also asked if I could have express delivery. I was told that was not possible on my order as it was at their off-site warehouse.

After a few more days I emailed again and explained that I needed the furniture in time for Easter. I asked if it would definitely be delivered or I would cancel my order. I had been planing to have gone out at the weekend and bought something from Argos. It was in stock and all I needed to do was collect it from the store. I did not really want to do this as it would have meant borrowing a trailer from my in-laws, but would not have had much choice. She assured me that it would be delivered before Easter and she would mark it as urgent.

After the weekend I telephoned Greenfingers. It took me a just under an hour to get through and then I was placed into a 4 person queue. Once I got through I was put on hold while they checked what was happening. I was told that they were doing their best and it should be dispatched later on for delivery Tuesday. I then cancelled my plans for Tuesday with friends. We had planned on taking our children to the local farm and soft play centre. My daughter was disappointed but I thought that we could go on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon instead.

Tuesday around midday I called Greenfingers to see if I could find out delivery info like where on the list I was or a courier tracking number. I was then told that my order had not gone out but would be dispatched later on that day with City Link. I could not find a pen so I could not write down the tracking number. I asked if this could be emailed to me and she said yes. However the email never arrived.

I changed my plans for Wednesday so that I could be at home all day to wait for the delivery. Wednesday morning I checked my emails but nothing so I called Greenfingers again. These phone calls are costing a fortune. My order was still not dispatched!!!! I took the courier number as I wanted to be able to check on Thursday without having to phone anywhere. The phone operator let it slip that my order had been ready since Monday but had a collection date of Wednesday and this was done on Monday. So, why was I told lies about my delivery being on Tuesday and again on Wednesday???! I would rather Greenfingers were honest and I would not have cancelled and changed my plans for 2 days that I need not have. I did try the tracking number after 6pm but it did not work. I kept trying it all evening but still it did not work.

Wednesday evening I got an email at 10pm to let me know my courier number and that my order had been dispatched. I had been given a different tracking number, which could explain why the other one did not work. However the new number did not work either. But it might have just been a case that it had not long been picked up and was not yet on the City Link system.

Thursday morning I checked both courier numbers. Neither worked but thought that I would wait until midday to phone Greenfingers. It is now too late to make alternative arrangements for Easter. I have 16 people for dinner on Sunday and we bought the table and chairs so that we would have 2 tables for people to sit on. I did not want to spend more money on calls and sitting in a queue.

Midday came and still neither numbers appear to exist. I phoned Greenfingers again and was told that the emailed tracking number is the right one but might not be on the City Link system as they are a bit behind, but assured that it will be delivered today. Is this more fobbing off? Am I about to waste another day waiting in for a delivery that will not turn up. It is a 6 and a half hour drive to West Lothian to here, unless City Link have started my orders journey without scanning it in my order will not arrive today! City Link do use planes, so maybe it might arrive.

At around 3pm I checked the tracking number again. It was still not coming up. I decided to phone them. They said that they were not having any problems and it would be on the system. They took my details including my address and said that they have nothing on their system. I have worked for a company and have used City Link as a business customer so I do believe them over a company that has been lying to me all week.

I phoned Greenfingers once more. This time I got straight through. She told me that my order was picked up yesterday but it is on a up to 4 day delivery!!!!! I was fuming. Why have I been promised next day delivery all week?! Apparently they do not do next day delivery on all items. I have an email dated the 27th March stating that I will have delivery before Easter. Why was I told earlier on today that my delivery will be here TODAY!!!!! I am so angry that I feel like crying. They have lied to me all week, why could they not be honest? I have cancelled my entire week for nothing.

I now believe that the reviews on their website might be monitored that bad reviews do not get put onto the website.

I am cannot comment on the actual quality of the furniture as it is not here yet and I am so close to refusing my order. I have also noticed that the percent of people that have had their orders delivered within 5 days has dropped to 32%.

If you need a reliable, honest and trustworthy company then do not use this company. Especially if you are in a hurry!

21 April 2012

Reply from Greenfingers.com

Hi Justine. I am so sorry to hear of the horrific problems you have encountered with your recent order. I can fully understand your feelings on the matter. I totally agree with you and accept that you have experienced poor service throughout. We have always been clear that we aspire to deliver orders within 14 working days but only guarantee 28 days as we know that spells of good weather which cause a surge in our business, as well as other factors, such as courier issues and, this year, the recent reconfiguration of our warehouses can cause our warehouse to struggle to keep up with demand. We have now invested in more warehouse capacity to resolve the matter. We had experienced vast problems with our chosen couriers and we have tried to communicate openly throughout this difficult period. I am sorry if we have misled you in any way. When we are let down badly by our courier partners all we can do is apologise and assure you we are doing all we can to address the issue with our courier partner (including moving to an alternative courier which has now been completed and is up and running). We show an honest delivery service level on the site at all times – showing currently for example that only 35% of our orders are being despatched within 5 working days. I shall contact you directly by email in an attempt to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Kindest regards and once again my most sincere apologies. Yvonne Jack (Head of Customer Services)


Just be careful...

After moving we found that Asda was the closest cheapest supermarket. We bought a few things for the house and we got what we paid for. The lampshades were watermarked and the bathroom cabinet was damaged and pieces were missing. The box was sealed and in perfect condition so this must have happen prior to the cabinet being put in the box. We returned everything that we bought for the house and got our money back. Then bought them elsewhere.

We have a 2 year old and she grows so quickly that I do not really want to spend a lot of money on her clothes (unless it is a special occasion). Asda's clothes are great. Not only are they tumble dry-able they are also reasonably priced.

The online shopping for groceries is not a very easy experience if you are looking for specific items. The search brings back loads of irrelevant items. Then the item you are looking for is hidden amongst the pages of results. The only way to look for items is look the long way through clicking on menus and narrowing it down.

The deliveries generally turn up within the time slot, however only just. Items are missing, that are paid for. Then you have to call the number on the receipt. Asda are happy to refund but really they should not keep having too. If you order an online shop you do not want to have to go to the shop as well. I had an entire bag of shopping missing just after I had come out of hospital. I phoned within 15 minutes and was told the driver could not come back as he'd gone home!!! What happened to my shopping? Was it left in the van? My husband got involved and asked for another driver to deliver the bag but was told that was not possible and that we went get the shopping the following day. I waited in for the entire day and my husband called Asda again just to be told we would get it. We never. This took a week to sort out. We ended up getting our shopped refunded and we vowed to never use the delivery service again. 1 in 10 times the shopping was all delivered as charged, this is not including when items were out of stock. It is not right to have to complain or get a refund almost each time you have a delivery.


I love Google

I always use Google as my search engine and I highly recommend it.

Easy to use and generally you will find what you are looking for.


Not as it was.

I understand that Jane Norman went into administration and was bought out by another company but I feel that the clothes no longer look nice. I used to go to my local shop and pick out at least 4 items every time, so I used to have to attempt to walk past the shop or I would end up broke! Now I go into the store and walk out without seeing anything I like.

Although I must add the original Jane Norman clothes were prone to damage. Many times I would have to carry out repairs on buttons and seams. I have even taken items back because of broken zips.


Good quality and comfortable

I recently started shopping in Wallis. I find their clothes fit very well and are very comfortable. They are off a good quality. It is great when they have their 20% off sale too.


Delivery charges a bit steep

I spent ages designing change of address postcards, just to find out that the delivery charges were more than the postcards themselves. If I could have waited a month the charges were reasonable.You can get a free trial membership the price does become a little less but still if you plan on using them again but not regulary you will have to pay to be a member. I decided against using Vistaprint for the postcards and buying some ready made postcards on Amazon.

After seeing photo calendars on the TV I looked into getting some made for Christmas presents. I ordered 5 wall calendars and one desk calendar. I got charged differently for the wall and desk calendars, when it should have one charge. Had I have realised this I would not have ordered the desk calendar as it has made it expensive. The delivery cost is more than the calendar! I did pay extra to get the delivery within 14 days. Lets see if it does turn up on time.

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Online stock does not match up their actual stock

We moved home into a house that had no appliances. We bought a fridge, freezer, cooker, washing machine and dishwasher. We ordered the appliances separately as we wanted the fridge asap after we moved in. We arranged delivery for Saturday which was the day after we moved (that was the earliest delivery date). The other appliances delivery was arranged for Monday (again the earliest date). The fridge arrived first thing on Saturday morning, no problems. That was the last of our luck. We got a phone call on Sunday to say that our freezer and dishwasher were not coming and would be the next Sunday. I cancelled our food delivery as it was mainly frozen food. 10 minutes later I got a phone call to say that our cooker was not coming. I could live without the freezer and dishwasher but the cooker I needed. I was told that they would be delivered next Sunday. The reason they gave was that they had not come in from the manufacturer. We had not chosen a single manufacturer and we had chosen items that were saying IN STOCK on the website. I have a 2 year old and eating takeaways every day is not really practical. I ended up having to buy a portable grill and buying disgusting meals that use hot water. Then on Thursday I got a phone call stating that we would not be getting our delivery AGAIN!! I got quite excited on the phone but then they said that we would be getting the cooker and dishwasher, just not the freezer. We could live without the freezer and waiting another week would be OK. On Saturday afternoon we got a phone call telling us that we still would not be getting the freezer. One of the deliveries was not booked in properly and I waited in all day for nothing. Eventually we did get the delivery of the freezer after a month of failed deliveries. 6 different dates!! My complaint was that items in stock online amounts do not match what they actually have. 4 out of 5 items were not in stock. We may have chosen a different fridge and freezer to match if we'd know that it would have been so difficult to get stock.

You only find out what a company is truly like when things go wrong and how they deal with the problems. In my opinion Comet were terrible. Could be because Comet was in the process of being sold?

We were not even offered a gester of goodwill voucher. Do not think that we would use Comet again.


Cheap, local food.

Years ago I shopped in Iceland and found the food to all taste like cardboard. About a year ago the only shop open locally for food was Iceland. I had no choice and needed some food so went in there. Not expecting much from the food I was surprisingly shocked at how it had improved. It was now really tasty and CHEAP!

It is a shame that my local shop is not bigger. It would be good to have more variation. The shelves are always full though.

Love the deals that they have. It would be good to be able to shop online for a home delivery.

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Never again!!

When I first got an Orange phone it was great. I upgraded to a new phone after my contract expired as the battery life was poor and had to always carry a spare battery or charger where ever I went.

The new phone was a newly released phone. After a couple of months I noticed that my signal was poor despite the screen saying that I have full service. I kept losing signal when on calls and no calls lasted more than a minute before I lost the signal. I did not realise that it was the phone at first as I only really called mobiles and assumed it was the other end. I ended up having to send text messages. I was working in London and the signal was great, I made a call to a land line and the speech was broken. My old phone always had perfect signal in my office. I called Orange and they said that I was over exaggerating. The call centre operator called the phone while I was on the other line and she blamed it on the signal. Which was on full. She said that I would be sent a replacement phone. That one worked for around 2 weeks before it started playing up. I was sent another phone. It last a month. Then I was sent another phone it arrived with the exact same fault. In the end I was sent 7 replacement phones. I called customer services asking for a different mobile phone, I did not care which one I just wanted a working phone. They were not interested and said that I had only had 3 replacement phones. I had receipts to prove otherwise. I told them that if nothing was sorted out I would stop paying my bill. They told me that I would be in breach of contract and I had to pay my bill or they would take me to court. I went to my local store to be face to face with someone. I wanted them to see the phone and the problem I was suffering from. They told me about customer relations and how they would look into my problem and sort it out for me. I wrote to them and was called back unfortunately I was not home at the time of the call. They left a message to say that they would call back. The number was an outgoing number only. I waited for another call but never got one. I called the customer services in hope that I could be put through to someone but they said without a name they could not. I wrote another letter telling them that I no longer want the phone as it does not work. They were supposed to supply a working phone and therefore they were in breach of contract. I refuse to pay line rental on a faulty phone. They could see by the lack of call charger that I was using the phone for calls. I ended up going to another company and got another contract while I still had 5 months left of my Orange contract. After 2 more months I was still trying to sort out the phone. Customer relations never spoke to me and I ended up dealing with customer services who told me that I had been issued a credit for the outstanding money and my contract had been cancelled. I thought that this was the end of it but Orange had affected my credit score. They promised to remove the bad rating they gave me however surprise surprise they never did!

Funny Orange did phone me asking me if I wanted to get another phone and contract when my contract should have ended. I told them NO WAY, I would NEVER go to to Orange. I found Orange to be so unhelpful, basically accusing me of lying about the amount of replacement phones I had (when I could prove I was not), not calling back, saying that I was in breach of contract when it was the other way around.

Discount Appliances

Excellent service and delivery! 5 Stars

Great service. Cheaper appliances. Fast, friendly and helpful delivery.

Ordered a dishwasher after our current one died. Needed one fast. Discount Appliances came to my rescue.

Looking at getting an American fridge/freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer and oven from them next.

Would highly recommend.


Better stock checked would be nice

I ordered to collect in store from the second closest store. They phoned me as soon as I got my order to inform me that there is a store just under 5 miles away rather than was 7 miles away. I was aware of that store, but it was good they let me know.

My order was ready the following day. I went to the store and collected my purchases. Really straight forward and easy.

It would be good if they had a facility that gave you information on where stock is available. Rather then having to check individual stores to find out they are all out of stock. I had seen a toy for my daughter that was on sale. I had trouble finding it elsewhere. I found a couple of people selling them on Amazon for £50 plus then I saw on the Toyshop website for £9.99. Unfortunately I phoned the 4 closest shops to find out that they had no stock. I am not sure where the stock that they had was and the only way to find it was to phone around. They should have a main number or be able to check stock online on larger items or more than 10 on smaller items.


Cheaper tyres

Order and pay online then go to a fitting centre to get your tyres replaced at a much smaller price. My tyres arrived at the fitting centre within 2 days. Fitting was included. The tyres were £50 cheaper than the exact same tyres at fitting centre were I had my tyres fitted and as I had the set done so I saved £200! Result.

They also have a scheme where you get money off your next purchase.

I would highly recommend Blackcircles.


One of the last High Street music/film stores left

I love films and quite often I have pre-ordered them with HMV. I find that their online prices are really competitive. The delivery is free and quite quick. You get emails letting you know when your item is dispatched, out of stock or released. However the in store price does not match what they are selling them online for.

The store prices are over priced unless on a deal.

I am a member of Pure, which was £3 to join and it earns you points to get money off, music downloads or music/film memorabilia. The money voucher can only be used in store which is a little bit annoying as in the store it costs more money. If the store prices were cheaper more people would shop there. It is difficult for them as I am aware that they are suffering financial difficulties. I feel that a lot of people avoid shopping in the store because of the prices and would rather wait and buy online from other places completely unaware that HMV prices are cheaper online.



I do think that Ebay is great for buying things.

About a year ago my Dad had a problem with a rather expensive but broken shower head. He went to the manufacturer but unfortunately they no longer had any in stock and were not able to supply any parts. The head unit had cost £300. It was one of those units that the head unit fixed on the wall with all the pipes inside the wall. He needed the exact match or would need to redecorate. I amazingly found a new one on Ebay at just £80 delivered. Fantastic.

I have had many times when I have found things that I never thought that I would at great prices. Although you do need to be aware of fake items and they are advertised as being original. However, if using Paypal you are protected and should get your money back. I do often browse Ebay for bits and pieces. You never know what you'll find.

You are quite safe buying things from Ebay using Paypal. There can be lots of choice so you can shop around to get the best deal.

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Delivery charges were my only problem

Amazon has very fast delivery. If you get prime it is guaranteed that you will have your goods the following day. Buying items from Amazon directly is much better than via other sellers. If you are spending over a certain amount of money it is free delivery. The free postage does not appear to take any longer.

However if you are ordering goods that are not free delivery (or you want the faster delivery) you are sometimes over charged. The goods are categorised and that does not always work very well. Although Amazon sets the delivery charges sellers should be able to change the delivery cost accordingly. For example if a buyer is ordering multiple items they should be able to have one delivery charge. This might have changed since I last ordered multiple items as I no longer will do with on Amazon due to other companies that do and I do not want to pay more them I should.

I once sold a book. The delivery price is set by Amazon. It cost me £8 to send the book via Royal Mail (it was a large heavy book) and on top of that I had to buy something to put it in. I made around £1 on a book that cost me a lot more. That was the first and last time I sold any books. Maybe a courier company would be cheaper, but at the time they were not so accessible.

If you are using Prime or getting free delivery, I would highly recommend using Amazon.

Sellers need to be aware that you might only just break even on some items that you are selling.

John Lewis


I have shopped in John Lewis for many years. I have had faulty items but they have exchanged or refunded without any quibbles. Although some of their items are a little pricy you get what you pay for. It is also great that you can shop in the store and then leave your shopping to collect later on (from the collection point) so you do not have to struggle. You can even leave one small item, if you want too.

I have used the online shopping as well as the collect in store. My local John Lewis does have 15 minutes free parking, however people that are not collecting in store park there, which is highly annoying. It is a shame that someone does not keep an eye on those spaces. But then the car park is not owned or run by John Lewis, however it would be good that if the collection point is empty and the 4 spaces are being used it would be obvious that the drivers are not using collect in store and a polite notice should be left on their cars to not park there again unless collecting in store.


Hmm, not happy anymore

I have changed my review on this store since I originally wrote it. I had said that my store is improving. The store used to be such a mess. 0-24 months in one corner and then 1+ in the other corner, maternity wear mixed in with the 0-24 months (basically where it would fit) and the middle of the store. Sale rails blocking isles and making it incredibly difficult to get round the store with the trolleys they provide or pushchairs. The Mothercare toys were separated from the Early learning centre with a huge space wasting shelving unit dividing them. Clarks shoes in one of the far end corners. The final corner car seats. In the middle of the store were pushchairs, pram, cots and other baby bits. It was really poorly laid out and messy. The shelves were overloaded and too close together. Clothes were all over the floor where they had fallen off the shelves. They never had the right size or if there was a deal off buy one get one free or half price, guaranteed you would only be able to get one and not be able to make use of the deal.

Mothercare are over priced on many items.

I recently went to my local store to buy some paints for my daughter. I had seen them online and went on the off chance that they might have some of it. Some of the things I wanted were no longer available online so I guess that they are end of line now. I went to the store and bought almost everything l wanted plus a couple of extra things. I spent just over £80 on 14 items.

When I went to pay at the tills. 2 people were being served, one was placing an order and the other one wanted to buy a scooter but wanted it put together to see what see if it would be big enough. I would have been waiting ages but a till was opened up as the queue was building up. The tills were a mess of merchandise for sale and unwanted items that had been left behind. There was not enough space to have my purchases on the counter so they were put on the floor. The sales assistant scanned the items and then put them back on the floor in the awaiting bags. When she finished she put the bags on the counter and I loaded them onto my pushchair. I left nothing on the counter when I left.

I had gone to my parents after I left which is 20 miles from my local store. I had not checked my receipt or my purchases. When you have 14 items you do not know exactly how much you will need to pay and when you also have one than one bag full of things you do not think that anything was left behind. I had bought the painting set for using that day at my parents. I looked inside the bags and it was missing. I then checked my receipt and I had been overcharged on 2 items. I phoned the store immediately and they said that they would keep it to one side. It was too late to go back to the store that day.

The following day I was really busy but felt that if I did not deal with the missing item and overcharging, the item might be sold to someone else. When I went into the store I was given the painting set and given the money back on what I was overcharged. It was easy enough but really I should not have needed to have returned to the store.

I was meeting friends after going to Mothercare so I did not check the paint set. Again how often to you check all your purchases to make sure that the contents match what is supposed to be inside the box. It was the following day that I checked. The paint set was incomplete. The cost of the missing item would be about £1 (tops) the travel to the store would cost a lot more! It would be 2 times that I would have to travel to the store. I wrote to the customer services hoping that they would send me a voucher to cover my travelling expenses but they never. I got an email back saying that they are sorry and they would be forwarding my feedback to the manager. It appears that is the end of the matter. I am not really happy at all. I feel ripped off with an incomplete set that would cost me money to return it to the store or to get the missing item. I have had to return once already. My closest store is 5 miles away so I have already travelled 10 miles through their errors and if I want my missing item I have to travel another 10 miles, totally at my expense.

This is not the first time I have had problems with Mothercare. I have suffered 3 other occasions when I was over charged. Then one time I was charged for some nappies that were not mine. I did not return them as they were only £3 and it would have cost me more than that to return to the store.

Unfortunately I am a little stuck with alternative stores to get toddler clothes and equipment or I would stop shopping there.

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Excellent and informative.

I am always using this website for information. Great, full of info about even old films and TV programs. Photos and links for actors/actresses. Just watched a trailer for a film coming out later this year. What a great website for films, TV, filming locations and biographies on actors, etc. Crammed with info that is constantly being updated.



I booked a skiing holiday for my friend and I. As it was last minute we paid in full. Then another friend wanted to come and Thomas Cook simply adjusted the additional person flights and food (originally we had paid a supplement for not having filled the villa).

When we arrived all was well. The following day the water pipe supplying the villas cracked and froze. We were the only people from Thomas Cook staying in the villas and we were the only people that were moved to a nearby hotel for free! All the rest of the guests suffered with no water to the taps or toilet. It was not Thomas Cook's fault but they sorted it out for us and we are grateful. They even took our overnight bags back to the villa once the pipe was repaired while we were out enjoying the slopes.

Been on many Thomas Cook holidays and I am 100% happy!


One incident, otherwise great.

I have only ever had one bad experience with Argos that I had to deal with customer services. I had seen the Fisher Price Lil movers Vehicles advertised online for £3.99. There were 3 to collect and 3 were available at an Argos 30 minutes drive away. I was getting a few other things at the same time and my local Argos did not have everything in stock (which is why I went to one 30 minutes away). After reserving the items I went to Argos straight away. I did not look at the individual prices when paying but felt I had paid more than I had expected too. When I got home I opened the vehicles for my daughter to play with, so that she would be occupied while I checked the receipt and the other items I had bought. I then saw that I had been charged 9.99 each for the vehicles (29.97 rather than 11.97). I checked online again for the price as I thought that I had just been unlucky for the price to increase in that short amount of time. It still stated 3.99. I called the store but no one answered as it was close to closing. I then called customer services so that at least my call was logged and they may have been able to issue the refund over the telephone. The woman was unhelpful and said that the store price had increased 2 weeks ago and that is the price and basically ended the call. After the phone call I thought about what she had said and thought that it is not my fault that they have failed to update their online prices. I then sent an email to head office. A few days later I got a reply basically stating the same as what the woman had said on the phone. To be honest had I have not opened the vehicles I would have returned them to the store and asked for my money back. I wrote back to say that I was not happy with her reply and that I did not think that it was acceptable. I would not have bought 3 of them at 9.99 and I certainly would not have driven 30 minutes to the store that had stock. I had wasted my time. I did get another reply after a week, basically saying that it is the store price. I had given up saying how I felt that I been over charged. Meanwhile I got an Argos Newsletter with the vehicles advertised at £3.99!!! I wrote back telling them that the vehicles are still being advertised at £3.99 and they are misleading and conning their customers. Funny I got another email apologising and telling me to return to the store and see the manager (name given was incorrect) and she would issue me a refund. I went there and she had not heard anything about my problem until I arrived. She told me that she was the manager and the name I had been given was not a manager it was a part time sales assistant who had no authority. The manager was appalled that I had been trying to get this sorted out for so long and asked why I had not contacted the store as she would have given a refund immediately in store. I told her that no one answered the phone and it is not down the road for me to return on the off chance that I would get a refund.

In the end it was sorted out. However customer services were unhelpful. They should have had the price changed online if they were saying that the store price was correct. This was enough to put me off Argos but to say that the store did give me a refund in the end, I felt happier.

Other than the above incident I am really happy with Argos. It is great to be able to order things online to collect in store or have them delivered to home. It is good to know that they have reserved an item for you and it will not be a wasted journey. Also you can look at stock in your local area so you can choose a store which is convenient for you. The prices are reasonable. Some of their own value products are of poor quality but all in all you do get what you pay for. They will exchange without any hassle if you have a receipt and are within the warranty period. If you are out of warranty they are more than happy to send your item off for repairs (repairs at the owners cost). They have a money back guarantee of just over 2 weeks if you change your mind.


Getting better!

6 Years ago I used Tesco.com for my weekly grocery delivery. On the day of my delivery I was given almost all of the food that the best before or consume by date was my delivery day. I had bought food for the week and I ended up having to throw most of it away, as it could not be frozen.

Over the past 2 years I have used the Tesco grocery delivery again. It appears now that you get food with the longest date possible and all you need to watch out for are the short life products, they are listed clearly when ordering. I have ordered the short life products and I normally get a few days minimum remaining on them.

The delivery times so far, I have only had one late! I was told that it would be late by telephone as there had been a problem with the van at the depot. I do not want substitutions so I have marked that on my orders. Generally Tesco does have everything I have ordered. Only once they did not have 4 things and I got a £5 credit for goodwill. I had not complained so it was a pleasant surprise.

I would recommend using the Tesco delivery service, as it saves the hassle of going shopping. You can also end up saving money because you generally only buy what you need rather than seeing deals of 3 for 2 or something that looks tasty that you probably would not have wanted. It is also can stop you buying chocolate, crisps, biscuits, etc. if you are trying to diet or lose weight.

You can pick a 2 hour delivery slot/time to suit and add things to your delivery up to 2345 the night before the delivery. Which I have added things to my list many times. Also you can add things throughout the week as you run out of them, better than making a paper list and losing it!


Check in lengthy a nightmare

We arrived at Gatwick with allowing plenty of time to check in and then go through departures to have breakfast.

We'd left home at 5am for a 8am flight. We live less than an hour from Gatwick. We queued up in a long amusement park type queue with signs saying about the average waiting time from that point.

We joined the end of the queue which was roughly half way between 20 and 30 minutes. We understand that it is an average waiting time. However, passengers for some flights were being told to cross the barrier to check in. As the time went by the baggage drop off queue opposite the check in queue become empty. The man that had been instructing passengers to cross the barrier said to use the drop off check in. This did not help us as the most of the people behind us in the queue managed to rush over there. It is not easy travelling with a young child and trying to jump barriers with suitcases is a bit out of the question. What would have been fairer would have been would have been to allow the people towards the front of the queue to go across than people that had just arrived at the airport. We waited 2 hours in the queue, then we had to rush through security, no time for breakfast then a long walk to the gate. We were travelling with a toddler that was throwing a fit because of the boredom caused by the 2 hour queue and not having any breakfast. She then continued to play up through half of the flight as there was no suitable food on the plane. She does not eat sandwiches.

I know that Easy Jet is a budget airline and you can check in online but my computer had gone off for repairs and I did not realise that we would be waiting 2 hours in a queue to check in. I am now reluctant to travel with Easy Jet again. However the flight was on time. If I was to have to travel on Easy Jet again I think that I would use the online check in!

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Good price, fast delivery, no problems!

Struggled finding a Playskool Clipo Safari set that was reasonably priced and in stock. Searched on the internet and found Jacinabox.

I had never used the company before and found that placing the order was straight forward and quick. A couple of days later the toy arrived as ordered.

I would highly recommend Jacinabox and would use again.


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