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Calls not returned. 1.5 month wait for new boiler after they condemned ours.

We used Helplink through our bank's emergency cover service. I was given between the hours of 9-5 for a repairman to arrive. Before saying "hello" or introducing himself, he asked to use our loo. After that, he took a look at our kitchen boiler and told me he couldn't even look at it because the cupboard needed to be removed. I tried to ask what needed to be removed and he cut me off and said he wouldn't check it. He went to re-park his vehicle and said he'd put a sticker on the boiler when he got back. During that time, I removed the two screws holding the top of the cupboard in and he was able to look at the boiler. Despite record of British Gas service on the boiler from the previous owner (we have only lived in the house for 8 months) he stated on his report that no maintenance had be done and condemned the boiler. This invalidated our insurance so they would not be able to contribute to repair unless we went through a long appeal process to show the previous owner's service record. We immediately applied for the warm front scheme and a surveyor came out to look at the boiler the next day. The surveyor was very nice and fast. We paid a 345 pound contribution for the new boiler and were told that it may be a three week wait. We paid on a Friday, but were told that we would be called on Monday to book in our installation. I called midday Monday after not hearing anything and told them we have a two year-old child and no working boiler and need to book in. I was told I would get a call back. I called again at 4:50 and was hung up on. I called again at 4:55 and was told that everyone had left for the day and that I should call back Tuesday. I asked to speak to a Manager who said I would not be able to book in before April 15th (it was March 31st). I called the next day and was told the earliest I would be able to book in was May 12th! I told them I have a small child, and that they had condemned our boiler. They don't care. I asked to speak to a manager and was told s/he was in a meeting and would call me back. It is 3:30 and I highly doubt I will receive a call back. We paid them our money and as soon as we did, the customer service was non-existent. We were told it would be a three week wait for a new boiler and now it is a one and a half month wait. Ridiculous. Completely poor and rude service.


Refuse to send us statements or bills!

We moved into our new home in June. We have called them every month since then asking them to send us bills. They say there is a glitch in their system and that it should be fixed soon. Meanwhile, we have no customer number, no idea how much they will charge us...and someday (who knows when?) we will get a large bill for over five months of "service". I baked an entire pumpkin pie while I was on hold waiting to speak to their representatives. I even made and rolled out the crust! We've contacted them over a half a dozen times and they keep sending bills "to the occupier" that threaten to have our meter taken with a warrant. We've tried setting up direct debit, we've asked them so many times for our bill. If a company can't send out bills and statements...then they must certainly be incompetent across the board. They sent us a letter telling us the prices were going up by over 10 percent...but they can't tell us how much we owe them? Shocking!

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