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Customer Service is incompetent possibly flying by the seat of their pants. I have had abysmal service and my issue is unresolved. My purchase was a step ladder and I wish I had taken it to the authorities to complain - basically it was dangerous and could very easily have caused serious injury.


Be Aware if you purchase from this company and you have a warranty issue.

If you have a warranty issue pray that you don't have to await a Curry's process. I purchase 3 Nexus 7's just a little less than a year ago - astonishingly two developed faults (that's another story) - Two purchased from Curry's the other from Google. One of those purchased from Curry's I had to take back to my local store - it took them about 45 minutes to work out how to deal with and interestingly couldn't identify my transaction on their systems even though I had the receipt. That was about 6 weeks ago. They did issue me a repair docket with a central reference number - I have called them for an update - they couldn't fine me on their system, I had to chase the shop to get an update. They have no idea when it will be returned. BTW Google replaced the other within 4 days and the experience was so professional. I'm concerned because the other also came from Curry's. I will never buy from this company again - they are so bad I'm amazed they are still in business

Park Cameras

Extremely efficient process.

The selection, ordering and delivery process is excellent. I did have a question after delivery - which was answered very professionally. I will definitely use this company again.

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