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Dolphin Music

Great service and prices!

I use Dolphin Music a fair bit, and never have problems. One example of service is when I ordered several items at once and at first was slightly annoyed when they emailed to say one was now out of stock. However, I got a phone call, and they offered to 'upgrade' the drum pad to a better model and heavily discount it: so I ended up paying about £20 extra for £120 worth more product - and still getting it all on the original delivery date. Great save by customer services!


Incredibly rude and obstructive customer service personel

I was with vodafone for 6 years, and had a mixed bag of customer service experiences. The network itself is good - signal availability and quality is high. Some of their technical infrastructure (upgrade system / billing) and their customer service let them down. The billing system is awful. I had two phones on my account and far too frequently there was a charge to contest on one of them. To be fair, Vodafone agreed to rectify these where they were in error, but sometimes only after much arguing and several phone calls. The staff are generally OK, and in fact are less helpful and polite at supervisor level. You can, however, tell that they are reading their polite phrases off a sheet and it all feels very impersonal.

The reason for 1* is they botched my final upgrade and were overcharging me for months. After several phone calls of being fobbed off by staff and an extremely rude and unhelpful supervisor who insisted they had no recording of my original upgrade call, I took to twitter. They instantly offered to correct the issue now that the complaint was in the public domain; but back on the phone, spoke like they were doing my a favour by honouring their original upgrade offer! This issue took 2 and a half HOURS worth of phone calls to fix and broke the feeling of loyalty I had towards the network.


Amazing prices, coverage and internet speeds

I had reservations on joining GiffGaff that I'd be a 'second rate' customer on the 02 network (as warned by my vodafone customer retention agent..) This is not the case at all - I've always had great signal and internet speeds - enough to stream highest quality music in Spotify. I also haven't been affected by any outages as mentioned in other reviews. Their prices offer incredible value, and GiffGaff are very up front about where their costs are reduced; for example not having dedicated customer service teams in call centres. I'm saving £25 per month since leaving vodafone, and getting unlimited data; and if you know how to use your phone properly, and don't break the rules (ie. no tethering) I don't see how you could have a problem!


Product, pricing and customer service always spot on

The quality and pricing of the products are unparalleled, and the site is easy to navigate. I've only ever had one issue, when DPD delayed my delivery by a day; but BulkPowders immediately apologised and refunded my delivery charge - great service and very happy returning customer!

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