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Joke above jokes - AVOID !

Copy of communication with MyHermes customer support - :
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Victoria: Hi, my name is Victoria. How may I help you?
Mike Fider: Hello Victoria. My name is Mike Fider and getting to you for the 3rd time to sort out your mess
Victoria: ok am sorry how can i help you
Mike Fider: Order number : 8932175
Mike Fider: You have not offered any solution since Saturday midday and still cant print labels
Mike Fider: Have phoned you 3 hours ago and been promised call-back
Mike Fider: My customer is waiting for that parcel and I need to post it today
Victoria: ok just bare with me
Mike Fider: waiting
File attachment upload has started.
The file My hermes 2.PNG (11.65KB) was received.
Mike Fider: Tracking status _ contact customer support - well trying to , since Saturday and seem to be helpless situation for you
Mike Fider: Action - Print button does not open PDF file with labels as it suppose to
Victoria: sorry just bare with me again please
Mike Fider: ???????
Victoria: Mike I would advise to cancel this order and try to book collection again
Mike Fider: NO WAY !!!! You have advised that option and it didnt work
Mike Fider: I`m steaming copy of this conversation life to make public aware of your qualities
Victoria: I do apologise for the problems you are experiencing, I can assure you the website team is working on the fix and should ready anytime now.
Victoria: Right now, all I can advise you is to try to use a different browser and place a new order.
Victoria: We will refund you with anyother outstanding orders that you are having problems with
Mike Fider: Browser has nothing to do with that. I have placed an order and that cant be processed due to your errors
Mike Fider: I am not going to place new order as we have one outstanding since Friday
Victoria: Unfortunately we have to wait for the fix, at least for this parcel in particular you are trying to send
Mike Fider: how long ? Its the 21st century
Victoria: Like I said, if you cancel this one is showing as outstanding, I can cancel for you, then place a new order.
Victoria: I won't be able to give you an exact time, all I can advise you for now is that, the fix is for today
Mike Fider: NO , NO , NO - if you are fixing problem - fix it without cancellation of existing
Victoria: Again, I do apologise for the inconvenience.
Victoria: You are experiencing a system error, we need to investigate what the problem is
Victoria: Is there anything else I can help you with today a part from this label?
Mike Fider: Its leaving very bad impression as your customer service is unavailable for most of the day and if they do - there are empty promisses
Mike Fider: Re-assuming - You don`t know what the problem is and when its going to be fixed - correct ?
Victoria: Yes, at the moment here at the Customer Services no, but the IT team who look after the website, has been advised, and they advised us to wait today.
Mike Fider: But in the mean time knowing that problem is not fixed yet you have advised to cancel existing order and place a new one knowing that problem still isn`t fixed
Mike Fider: If I would place another order right now - would that work fine or no ?
Victoria: Ok, I am sorry, that is the advise I got from the IT team, in this mean time, as it may work.
Victoria: It worth try
Victoria: and like I mentioned, you will be refunded for the shipment
Mike Fider: Hold on please. I`m going to place one more order now - do not cancel existing order number 8932175 as waiting for your resolution there but want to find if your advise will resolve problem or if that`s waist of my time again
Victoria: ok i will hold here for you
Mike Fider: Paying now
Mike Fider: Didn`t work
Mike Fider: It says contact customer service
Victoria: I'm afraid in that case, like I advised you earlier, you have to wait until the IT team, look into it for you.
File attachment upload has started.
The file My hermes 3.PNG (16KB) was received.
Mike Fider: Earlir , you have advised to cancel existing and re-book
Victoria: are you using Credit/Debit card or Paypal?
Mike Fider: what is so damn complicated with html coding that those "technicians" can`t cope with that ?
Mike Fider: PayPal as always
Victoria: ok
Mike Fider: Please cancel and refund 8964808 duplicated booking
Victoria: ok, I will do that strait away
Mike Fider: Your logo says makes deliveries easy
Victoria: I understand, I am sorry.
Mike Fider: I have never had such experiences before and honestly I`m sorry for myself and my customer I havent gone as always via interparcel or directly via TNT and wanted to save £3,25 loosing time,fuel etc.
Victoria: Just to confirm, would like me to cancel the ones from 19/10 and the 20/10 as well?
Mike Fider: My Hermes isn`t worthed £0.01 shipping cost with all that stress and time
Mike Fider: NO
Victoria: We are working to make the services even better, we are looking into the problem you are experiencing to fix it, unfortunantely I won't be able to give you the definite answer strait away, I wish I could
Mike Fider: I`m leaving 20/10 booking number 8932175 alive and want refund on duplicated : 8964808 from today
Victoria: We assure you of our best attention at all times.
Victoria: ok
Victoria: I have already canceled the order 8964808, you will nottice an email soon
Victoria: with the confirmation
Mike Fider: Its not your fault Victoria you re working in that environment from hell - I`m sorry for you really as seems you are surrounded by neglects
Mike Fider: You can`t really say anything else , can you ?
Mike Fider: I`m running my own business for years and if that would happen on my own backyard I`d just go and claim unemployment
Victoria: I am sorry, I was just writing the report to see if we can get an update on the matter
Mike Fider: Thanks for your help Victoria . I guess you cant do anything else in this matter as your technicians are worthless and cant resolve simple html tagging issue
Victoria: I am gona have to terminate the chat for now, but like I mentioned, I will make sure we chase this up and update you ASAP
Mike Fider: Ok - bye - it will be available on youtube
Mike Fider: waiting until you terminate
Victoria: ok. Bye for now.
Victoria has disconnected.

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