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Very very poor Radio instalation and after sales service 21 October 2013

On the 26 April 2013 I purchased A DAB car radio and paid for it to be installed by the store engineer. £174.96 in total,
Two hours after getting my car back I returned to the store and told them I thought it was not working properly. He came out had a play with and said it was working fine, he said do not forget you cannot receive a good reception on DAB all around the country yet.
Today I returned to the store again to complain about the radio the reception I had been getting was just so poor. I had to be quite forceful about the problem and produce my proof of purchase.
An engineer came out and had a look. He fiddled around at the back of the radio and said it should be ok. This time I was ready for that and showed him that as you go through the DAB channels it losses reception. Eventually I proved my point so he went into the store to speak to his boss.
When he came back he put a CD in the radio had it select the second track on the CD. Turned the Radio off. Turned the radio back on and then claimed that because the radio remembered it was track two there was nothing wrong with it. He said it is working fine, At this point if I had been a fool I would have left.
I asked him how his playing a CD had improved my radio reception. I then proved that the radio still had the same fault. Poor reception.
Out comes big boss who has a look at the back of the radio checks the coax connection then looks at the AE stuck to the car window. He reaches up and pulls off part of the car widow interior trim and says here is the problem; the AE has not been earthed to the metal of the car, without the earth it won’t be working. You have been driving around using the radio but the AE will not have been working. He pulls it off repositions the AE and sticks the earth to the metal window frame. Puts the trim back sticks the radio back in its hole and says there you are its working now.
Well yes it is working now.
No offer of any kind of compensation.
I have suffered poor reception from my Radio for six months due to their incompetent installation and never received as much as a sorry about that Sir.
I am wondering how many other cars have had radios fitted in this manner whose owners are driving around putting up with it or just moaning about the poor quality of digital radio due to a poor fitting from HALFORDS.

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