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Pretty good, but I was surprised it wasn't possibly to trade straight away

BullionVault seem to be one of the better services for purchasing and holding gold, particularly for UK based customers.

I was somewhat surprised that there can be a 2 day+ gap between sending them funds and being able to trade, as they only seem to accept funds by bank transfer and only seem to process incoming bank transfers during the working day. (Perhaps this was actually a good thing as it prevented me trading when the market was closed?)

Andrews & Arnold Ltd (AAISP)

Very good broadband by people that really know what they're doing

We've been using A&A ISP for a few years now.

The only time we had a problem with the ADSL it was quickly sorted out. If you have problems, you phone them and immediately get to speak to someone that is able to resolve your problem - not some first line support that just wants you to try rebooting your router to see if the problem goes away, regardless of whether you've already tried that or not!

Their monitoring is excellent for actually figuring out what is going on when intermittent problems occur. They are expensive, but it's worth it when you rely on your ADSL.

Impact Computers

Took my money; didn't deliver; can't be contacted

Placed an order on 29th September for an in-stock item, paying extra for next day delivery.

As of 15th October, my order hasn't been delivered and still shows as "Processing" on their website. The money has been taken from my credit card.

I've tried to phone them (just got an answer phone) and used the "contact us" form on their website, and have received no response at all.

I'll be contacting my credit card company to get a refund.

Extera Direct

Fast delivery, good price

Ordered using their free delivery at 3:20PM one day, arrived before 10AM the next day.

Price was very competitive.

Would recommend.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Present themselves as though they are a UK company, but are not

From their website they look like a UK company, although you won't find an address on there.

They're not though - everything is sent from Hong Kong, there is no UK company, they're not registered for VAT and good luck if something goes wrong as they're not covered by UK or EU law. They list a UK phone number, but that's really just part of the pretence.

I have no objection to Hong Kong companies targetting UK consumers, and I have bought from HK based companies many times, but the way SimplyElectronics try to hide their true identity is very deceptive.

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