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Rude, incompetent, avoid.

A couple of years ago I took my car in to Halfords in Speke to get a headlight bulb changed. First they sold me the wrong bulb (despite me pointing out the one on the reference chart was different) and the boy who came out to fit the bulb went to swap it before demanding the difference in price from me before proceeding. The boy (he looked about 18) then began to dismantle the front of my car, throwing screws on the ground which made me wince as there was a drain nearby and I expect if any had got lost I would have been expected to pay for them. He wrestled the headlamp out, changed the bulb (after some time) and wrestled the light back in. As I was in a hurry it was not until later that I realised the front bumper was now badly scratched under the headlight. Phoned up customer services, who told me to phone the store and speak to the manager. The manager was actually borderline reasonable and told me to bring my car back the next day and they would take a look. When I walked in and asked for the manager the entire staff turned to look at me, as if they’d all been discussing the incident beforehand, which was fairly intimidating. The manager said they would send another guy out to look at the scratch, and he came out with some polish and had a go at it, which obviously wasn’t going to help as it was down to the metal. The original lightbulb ‘fitter’ came out to join us as this was happening and stated ‘I don’t remember scratching your car yunno’, again adding to the general air of completely disbelieving my story. This despite the fact that it would be completely impossible to scratch that part of a car any other way. After some ‘discussion’ they eventually caved and agreed to send someone to re-spray my bumper. It would be preferable for Halfords staff to learn to perform simple replacements without scratching the hell out of people’s cars however, and I won’t be going back if I can possibly avoid it!

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