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If I could rate this any lower then I would

1. Item was incredibly late in the post (took almost a week in business days).

2. The item came with threads hanging off it but I had removed the tags by the time that this had become apparent.

3. You offer a "£20 cashback" reward on purchases with little indication that this is a fraudulent partner company who no doubt gives you money to help facilitate their scamming. They do not come through on the offer (not mentioned to be a subscription on your site) and they make it as hard as possible to cancel the subscription. I'm having to go to the claims dept of my bank to cancel the transaction which will mean I have to pay the first £15 at least.

4. When I emailed your company about this they showed astonishing apathy for the fact that you're helping people get scammed.

So for the fact that I wont be getting an email back about this (as you know I'm right and you're far too cowardly and despicable to accept any fault) - I hate you, as a company, and hope that all the people who know what's going on and let it happen (in regards to your terrible delivery times, faulty items and facilitation of scamming) get what's coming to them.

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