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2 and a bit years ago I took out a 2 year contract with Three and at the end of it expecting the bills to stop automatically along with the contract they continued to try to take money from my bank account so I cancelled the direct debit to prevent this now I am getting letters from the company saying I owe them money for the contract that ENDED months ago so I called them up and got told that i had to give them a months notice before my contract ran out to cancel it or the contract would keep running.... this is unacceptable i signed a legal document for a 2 year and only 2 year contract and they expect me to continue paying after the period has finished and they have the cheek to say this is my fault that this has happened because i never told them it was ending when 02 orange and T-Mobile e-mail you warning you your ongoing contract will finish soon and then automatically stop it after the stated amount of time then ask you weather or not you would like to change phones or continue with the one you have ...... if you ask me NEVER use this company because of there poor connection with their customers.

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