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John Lewis

Completely and utterly incompetent in every facet of running a high end consumer business

Bought a fridge from JL on a Thursday night as mine broke the same day. paid an extra £20 to have it delivered on Monday morning between 7am & 2pm. Took a day off work to wait for it to arrive but 2pm came and nothing arrived. Called JL who said that the order was never processed because of some technical fault and wouldnt be able to get it out to me until 11 days later! Spoke to a manager (who then hung up on me) and said the earliest they could do was in three days time!

I call them back, spoke to someone different who said the item was actually out of stock! Although their website said it was most definitely in stock! Got hung up on again.

Spoke to a third person who then said they wouldn't be able to get it to me until after Easter and did not seem a bit concerned about the time to wait, the fact it was their problem and that I had to take a day off work. To the latter point, I just got "cant you just take it as annual leave?" and "that's not really our problem".

Cancelled the order and now waiting for my money back. In the meantime, bough a new fridge from a high end store and got it delivered in 30 minutes.

Thought JL were supposed to be one of the best companies going around. Guess not.



Ordered from Jacamo previously, no problems.

Ordered a third time, problems start.

Paid for NDD on an item to my office, said it would be delivered at latest by 8pm - said no one was in the office by 8pm. Called delivery company Hermes, said it's not their problem (fair enough) then called Jacamo and said it's not their problem (WOW!)

Said I failed a credit check (even i had been ordering for three months!) and because it hadn't been activated to cash only, the item hadn't even dispatched! Said the item would be with me within 7 days, when I paid for NDD and there was nothing else they would do to help.

Customer Service is deplorable, disgusting, inept, uncaring - any adjective you can think of.

They just don't care - dont want to help. Just that mentality of "well, I've done this for you so be grateful".

Avoid like the plague - not worth the hassle.

In fact, I think I feel a cough coming on....

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