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Talktalk.....They just don't talk!!!!!

I left Sky earlier in the month because Talktalk offered me the same internet,phone and tv for £10pm cheaper. so i went through the website and ordered i received a confirmation email, a letter saying that my direct debit had been set up and the online tracker they provided said i would receive all the equipment and would be up and running by the 21st.

So i waited till the 21st for the equipment but no sign of it so i continued to wait the 22nd, 23rd then on the 24th i decided that i would just give them a ring just to see what was happening. in fairness the customer service was friendly but still pretty useless as i was told that my order had been cancelled due to a technical problem. i was switched from department to department until i was told that there was nothing they could do and i would just have to order again and wait another 2-3weeks to see if it would work!!!

The fact that there was a technical problem doesn't bother me its more the fact i received no letter or phone call that there was an issue with my order due to a technical fault or even what the fault was. Really just a waste of my time for no good reason!

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