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LightBulbs Direct Ltd

Speedy delivery & an EXCELLENT returns service when there is a glitch

I ordered LED bulbs and they arrived very quickly. A few weeks later one of the bulbs failed. I emailed lightbulbsdirect and before I had time to think about it a replacement bulb was sent to me with a polite request asking that I return the faulty bulb using a return paid label. Well done!

16 July 2013

Reply from LightBulbs Direct Ltd

Thank you for the review and for taking the time to return the faulty LED. We have now received the faulty bulb and are in the process of returning the bulb to the manufacturer for investigation. If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to get back in touch. Thanks again - Steve

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

They did just what I wanted and the website was good to use

Chemist direct had the price that was compelling - Glucosamine seems to have doubled in price in many places at the moment - and delivered a quick, easy purchasing service. The goods arrived on time.


On time, plus 50% free without even tellng me they would do that

I found their price very competiive when searching for a Dental Water Jet. Since they seemed to have a relatively large P&P charge (perhaps because the water jet weighs over 1kg) I also ordered some toothbrush heads which were less competitively priced. These come in packs of two. Imagine my surprise when they arrived and the packs of two had been increased to packs of THREE with no additional charge.

The items arrived in just over one working day, too. Well done MobilePlace!

The only odd thing about MobilePlace's service was that the package arrived with almost no information about who had sent it except for a very hard to find credit card sized slip. This, in a flyspeck sized font, did have CAPSTA's and Mobileplace's names on it. I think you could advertise your excellent service better and leave something for customers to keep you in mind.

Viking Direct

Good range, fantastic delivery, no quibble returns - used them for years

Viking sometimes deliver on the same day as the order. It is almost always more convenient to get stationery from them than to go to a shop which must be making it tough on the high street as they are cheaper for simple standard items if you are careful what you choose. Sometimes all deliveries are free but larger orders always are free of delivery cost which encourages you to reduce their carbon footprint..... -:)

I have used them again and again at home and at work for many years.

Viking will, however, sell more or less any item that fits their product range and do not make much (if any) effort to establish the quality of the items they sell. They describe it, often briefly, and then it is up to you to decide. However, if you don't like it then their no quibbles returns policy really has no quibbles. They come and take it back, no fuss, or even abandon it in your wastebasket!

Their online site is good, recalling your previous orders so you can reorder easily. Their phone service works but the staff are not knowledgeable; they just get the transaction processed and can usually get around difficulties you may have had in finding an item.

Don't expect Viking's price to be the cheapest except for special offers. But, then, if you want it NOW that is not the issue, is it?

John Lewis

Good stuff at good prices

John Lewis seem to check that what they sell is good quality. So you can buy with considerable confidence. Despite that, their prices are often the lowest you can find. What more can you want except good service? I find I get that as well at their stores, where staff are knowledgeable.

Their online site works well and has detailed descriptions of the products. Often these are so detailed that you don't need to visit the manufacturers' website to find the product details for minor items.

The goods arrive as expected. Delivery may not be as fast as you might like but it works.

Buy from these folks with confidence and go back again for more.


Fast delivery

Screwfix give good value and delivery very very fast in my experience. I automatically go to them for plumbing and houshold items that I want unless I have to have them NOW !

When items have given trouble (no fault of Screwfix, they were top branded items) they have sent someone to pick up the faulty item without charging me for the return and replaced it fast, all without fuss.

Their website also works well and they remember you, sending a printed catalogue once in a while.

Great supplier! Thanks to all at Screwfix


Service OK, I like the ability to deliver to others

Tesco have done as asked when I have ordered from them. They have even delivered to other people's addresses when I have sent a gift. The process for this is, however, fiddly and you need patience to set it up.

Overall, the website itself is poor and the range of things available surprisingly small.

On the other hand, when I complained at a Tesco store despite polite responses, I had to go in and repeat the complaint to a further polite response. Neither complaint was dealt with.


Go back again and again

Maplin prices are generally attractive, especially for their offers. I go back to them again and again both mail order and on line. On the rare occasions that the goods are not of sufficient quality they take them back without fuss. Their local store (Farnborough) has helpful staff who are either knowledgeable or know which member of staff can best answer your question. Their response to queries to customer care on line is, however, dismal. My enquiry took 4 weeks to get an answer, by which time it was irrelevant.

Goods arrive fairly promptly but, of course, you need to be careful that all your items are in stock or they will wait until they are. This is quite fair, since they do not charge delivery over £30 and you can choose to pay more for fast delivery.

Apart from failings in customer care responses, the only niggle is that Maplins have so wide a range of stock that you have to realize that it is not all, every piece of it, 'the best in the world' but, then, they are trading on price to a large extent so that is quite fair. You need to be sensible when shopping.

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