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Avoid buying from SIMPLYASUS

I bought Asus Vivo Tab from SIMPLYASUS and the product developed fault after a month. I spoke to SIMPLYASUS and they referred me to the manufacturer, ASUS. I picked up the phone and ASUS told me to send it for repair. Thirty days have now passed and I don’t still have my devise back from the repair centre. Successive follow ups did not yield any result.

After successive enquiries about the status of the repair, ASUS gave me two option; either to wait for my devise indefinitely until such time when the parts will arrive or take a refurbished replacement. I declined the replacement offer due to the fact that I have used my device only five times when it developed the fault. The replacement offer was not clear and could as well be something that has been used for months then returned and repaired. Naturally I could not take such a risk, after all ASUS did not prove trustable.

As the absence of my devise negatively impacted my work, I have asked ASUS to refund me. ASUS replied to my email and advised me that I should take requests for refund with the retailer, SIMPLYASUS. I called SIMPLYASUS as they did not reply to my email enquiry and they told me that if I want a refund I have to contact the manufacturer to refund SIMPLYASUS so as to enable them refund me.

This back and forth process is frustrating and it is what awaits those who run into problem with their devise. I would certainly advise anybody thinking about buying something from SIMPLYASUS to rather go to a reputable store with which he/she can reason.

More details of my interaction with SIMPLYASUS and ASUS will follow to warn you about the pending loom if you make the mistake of buying something from this retailer.

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