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Not As Bad As Most Reviews

This is the first time I've used My Hermes to ship something I've sold on Ebay. I have used The Post Office on all previous listings, but the budget wasn't there for it this time, so I scoured the web for a cheaper alternative.
My initial impressions of the site were positive - very informative and straight forward booking system.
I chose to drop off at a local store due to my work schedules which was really convenient as the store is open until 10pm.

The following day when I checked the status, the tracking tool wasn't working. It still wasn't working later in the afternoon and had no way of seeing the true status. So I searched online for reviews and was alarmed at how many people seemed to have experienced issues. Although to be fair the majority were from people that didn't read T&C's or exclusions etc... fortunately I didn't fall into this category. So hope was restored.
The tracking system didn't working until 3 days after I dropped off the parcel. By which point my buyer was chasing. I was able to provide a screenshot of proof of delivery which settled his concerns.
Delivery was made on the 4th day (within the advertised time scale).
All good.

It's also worth mentioning that I have received a number of deliveries by My Hermes too without any issue.

I guess if you don't read what you're getting into and set your expectations accordingly, be prepared for a let-down. But from my experience all good.

I rated the experience 4 stars as the tracking tool didn't work and that I had to physically search the site for delivery time scale as it's wasn't clear on any landing pages.

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