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Paid extra for 24 hour service. 3 "attempted" deliveries. Nearly two weeks later and I still don't have my delivery. No cards through the door, no phone calls. Their excuse for both the second and third failed delivery: the van broke down. Really? Twice? The odds must be a million to one.

I'd say you should avoid this company, but let's face it, we all know that all delivery companies are utterly useless, so they're safe from criticism because what else are you going to do?


Just terrible, avoid at all costs.

A sham of a company, avoid if you can possibly help it. I can't believe Tesco are using them for their deliveries; all I can imagine is they must be cheap to hire.

Awaiting delivery of a bed; got a text at 8am saying it would be delivered between 11am and 2pm. Of course, 2pm came and went without any sign of the shipment.

Just like the litany of others posting below, I have had no delivery, no communication, and been given a depot phone number that is never picked up and rings through to a BT residential answerphone.

Found the head office phone number, which is 03330111000 for anyone trying to call them, got through to a very unhelpful woman who insisted that the time stated in the text message was just an estimate and the delivery would arrive today. Naturally, having waited in all day, at 8pm the delivery status on the tracker was updated to read "25 Oct 2013 20:04PM All Barcodes 720 EXCEPTION Carded".

I have BEEN HERE ALL DAY. No card, no van, nothing. And of course, they employ the time honoured method of waiting until after their offices have closed to update the delivery, so you can't contact them to complain.

And if the examples below are anything to go by, I look forward to someone from the company posting an answer to my review blaming everyone but themselves for the failure.

If they took half the time and effort to deliver parcels as they do making feeble replies to posts on this website, then maybe they might not get so many bad reviews in the first place.

Utter shambles.

Consignment number: ZWASHV000603

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04 November 2013

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Hello Tom, Thankyou for this review, all reviews are investigated. I can see your consignment has been delivered at this point. But the carded issue will be passed to the regional manager to be logged against the depot.

Regards Jennifer

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