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destroyer of old ladies

my 80 year old mother has just agreed to pay £75.00 to talk talk for a service we have been trying to cancel since May 2013, despite numerous phone calls, and a letter, they are saying the account was only closed in September.

how did this come about, she moved house. we rang prior to the move 11/5/13 to inform them of the move and that there was no phone in the new property, since they were unable to put a new phone in, (they could not connect us to someone who could organise this), we thought we had cancelled the contract (there was no minimum term outstanding). we contacted them again in July because she had received bills for the service, these were cancelled by one of the managers, more trouble in august and we rang again. again everything was supposed to have been sorted

in september more bills, we rang and explained again, this time they organised to install a phone service in the new house - she had been managing with only a mobile since May when she moved into the property.

last week a letter from the debt collector for outstanding amount, phone calls to them, phone calls to talk talk - the service was only cancelled in September. My poor mother sleepless nights, shaking every time she gets post from them, worried sick. so what has she done paid up. i call it extortion

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