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Unrespectful and liar.

My parcel was supposed to be delivered at 27th of december, I was not aware of this company trash services, so it was okay for me, I wake up early so I could pick my parcel, happens that around 12:58 they updated to : "The customer was not available on the 1st attempt. A 2nd attempt will be made." which is tottaly not true, because I was home the whole time, but well, I had to wait the whole weekend to get the 2nd attempt.
So as on the first day, I stood in my home the whole day. Surprisingly, at around 12:27 they updated the track status to : "The customer was not available on the 2nd attempt. A 3rd attempt will be made.", which again is a TOTAL lie, and I decided to call customer service the moment i saw that message, which was around 13:00, he told me he was going to mark my delivery as urgent, and the driver would call me in 1 hour or so, regarding my delivery, pure lie, i waited for like 3 hours so I could call customer service again, the new guy that answered told he could see that I had called before regarding this (like if it is of any help), he then checked my phone, which was correct, and told me, that in the next day, the collection centre (or something like that) would call me, and he told me that they would ENSURE that the driver would deliver it to me, as I told him repeated times that they were lying about the delivery details, cause I was there all the time.
Well, so now, new years eve, I lost virtually all my day, waiting for the package, which was ensured to be arriving today, because of those liars and unrespectful attendants. It is not a time critical parcel, I wouldn't mind to receive it with some delays if christmas delivery are overloaded, but I can't understand why they lie to us, it's unrespectful, so I'd say that if you have a time critical product, don't go for UPS, or better, I'd say don't go with UPS at all, pure trash company.

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Got the delivery, but the predict service and costumer care are terrible.

I paid for the next day delivery, so I got a text message saying that my parcel would be delivered between 13:52-14:52, so the basic, I stayed at home waiting for it's delivery. After 16 I tried to contact those guys to see what happened to my parcel, so Frankie told me this: "Hi, I have looked at the delivery and spoken to the driver and he does not have the parcel on his van.".
So this worried me a little, I asked a few more questions to this guys and got no reply, he simply started to ignore me. I also sent a mail on the makeitright, at 18:05. I got no reply of this email aswell but, luckily I got my parcel at 18:40.
Isn't the best courrier experience I had, I could've easily waited a bit more and be less worried if the Frankie guy hadn't said that my parcel wasn't with the driver.

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29 October 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Sergio,

I see that the parcel was eventually delivered, so I'm glad you got your goods in the end. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the delay.

Do you receive a response from our Make It Right team?

Remember, you can always contact us at socialmedia@dpd.co.uk if you need any assistance with a delivery.

Kind regards,


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