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why o why don't people just tell the truth

The parcel that was ment to be delivered by this company is still not here ment to be delivered by 1pm is still not here at 8.15pm.
I called dpd at 3pm explaning that there driver had not been to my house at 1pm as stated by there driver, the guy on the phone contacted the driver and confermed to me that the driver had not been to my home but he would be here today without fail, yep you guesed it no delivery.

The parcel was delivered the next day.

I receved an apology from dpd on the Saturday explaining what went wrong, along with a box of chocolates and 2 toy vans.
Please dpd just tell people the truth, for me the wasted time was more important than the delivery being on time.
I think the lack of understanding of the systems on the drivers behalf may be at fault to.
When a dilivery is logged as no one in the customer is notified, obviously in my case I was in.

I have therefore revised my rating up from 1 star to 3 stars based on the explanation I receved from the depot manager.

As for the ridiculous frustrating telephone system they use, just do a search for the direct number on google, although having an option on there menu to speak to a human may be a good idea.

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