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The Worst! Avoid!

This is possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with.

They sent me the wrong thing then refused to exchange because I had opened the box. I bought an i5 hi-spec computer for £500 and was sent an archaic dual core machine that wasn't worth half what I had paid (had I wanted it, which I didn't). All I wanted was an exchange for what I actually ordered or refund. This was bluntly refused. Saying they wold loose money if they took it back because I had opened the box.

How was I supposed to know I had been sent a totally different machine than the one I'd ordered if I DIDN'T open the box??

I sent it back anyway, by tracked courier as I am sure they would deny receiving it. They still refused to refund so I had to go to my card company to get the money back. After a few weeks I got it back via charge-back.

Then Mavit (AKA Man Enterprises) still tried to get a 25% restocking fee back off my card company! They said it was in their T&C. This was even though they had sent me a different computer than the one I ordered. Fortunately my card company did not give it back.

Mavit, if you send someone the wrong item, no matter what it is, you have to exchange or refund. This is the LAW.

The most unprofessional company you could ever wish to deal with. Avoid at ALL costs.

Transglobal Express

Highly recommened

We use Transglobal for all our non EU deliveries. There is rarely a problem and when their is, their customer service is superb. We have an account with UPS and bizarrely it is still cheaper for us to book through TG.


Don't Pay Out on Claims

We sent a parcel 2 months ago. We paid extra so that a signature was obtained. Apart from the fact that it took 10 days to deliver (it was at the delivery depot for 5 days!!) they left it badly damaged in our customer's shed. No signature was obtained, the driver just wrote "SHED" where the signature was supposed to be.

I e-mailed them but got no response after 3 days, so I e-mailed again. Still no response now and it was a week since my first message. So I had to call them on their expensive 0871 number. I spent 40 minutes on hold before I spoke to anyone!

It took a further 2 days before I was e-mailed a form that would decide if they would do me the honour of sending me a claims form. That came another 2 days later....

I filled it in and sent it back by e-mail. I get another e-mail asking me to send the form which I had already done. So I sent it again. Six weeks later and I still have not had any compensation. I don't get any replies to e-mail queries and I will not spend another 40 minutes on hold to a number that costs 10p per minute.

Totally hopeless. It may be cheap but it is not good value for money.


Excellent All Round Service

We use DPD for the vast majority of the orders we dispatch to our customers. We've sent over 7000 items this year and only one suffered minor damage. That claim was settled almost instantly.

To the best of my knowledge we've had no items go missing or delivered late. If this had occurred, I am sure our customers would have let us know. It's no wonder they came out top in Which? Magazine courier survey.

It's a shame they don't e-mail their customers with invitations to post reviews on here like other courier companies do. That way this site would be a true reflection of their great level of service.


Avoid at all costs

I called before ordering as sometimes their website shows stock when they have none as they often drop ship. I was told there was no problem with stock so I went ahead and ordered and paid by PayPal.

4 days later I noticed a refund come in through PayPal for the entire order. I called to find out what was going on and I was told "no stock". I was told that they had e-mailed and tried to call me. There were no e-mails from them until AFTER they had refunded because they had no stock! They certainly never telephoned me.

I had a time sensitive project to finish and was held up for days because I had to find another supplier.

I would never have placed this order if I had been told the truth about there being no stock in the first place.

I would never use them again, ever.


Always great service

We have been regular customers for years and it's hard to fault their service. Always on time and courteous. We wouldn't buy our LFP supplies anywhere else.

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