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Customer Service - forget it. Go elsewhere as we are doing

Woke this morning, Wednesday, boiler failed. No heat, no hot water. Contacted Eon with whom we have a Service and Emergency Breakdown contract. Unlimited call-outs, 365 days a year The third person we spoke to claimed that they were giving us special treatment as we are in our 70s, valued customers and we have no other forms of heating. They will be with us to repair our heating in 7 days time!!!! What happened to the 365 days promised in the contract After several telephone calls they promised to look into the matter: we had contacted Trading Standards, who said we are in our rights to contact another firm and bill Eon, if they refused to attend the emergency within 1 hour. We are still waiting for the call. The contract is due for renewal on the 9th November 2013. Eon has had the impudence to raise the monthly cost by £1.00 per month for a non-existent service. Do you think we will be renewing this contract?

We phoned Eon 3 times on the Wednesday and they promised they would "get back to us". They did not. We phoned on Thursday and eventually they agreed to send an engineer on the Friday. I told them what was wrong with the boiler. The engineer arrived and phoned ideal for the part which they said would be delivered on Saturday to the local engineer. He stated he could fix the boiler early on Monday. When we returned home on Sunday, we had an answer phone message from Eon stating the boiler would be repaired on Tuesday (not Monday)and gave me a telephone number. When I phoned this number to say this was not acceptable I was told I had the wrong number. I checked the number again on the answer phone message and my log of phone calls and phoned again to be told I had the wrong number. When I phoned for the 3rd time, I was informed this number did not accept incoming calls. This action seems to graphically describe Eon's customer care policy. The people who answer the phones are representing Eon, whether they like it or not, and must to accept this fact. I then rang Eon and pointed out ita promise to us: With Eon Central Heating Care just sit back and relax. Unlimited call-outs, 365 days a year! An emergency hot line and call-outs 24/7.

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