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Overpriced, poor customer service and far too sure of themselves thats for sure

As a regular customer of Wightlink I feel strongly that their customer service has certainly left the building.These days I tend to use the Catamaran service more than the car ferry.Recently knowing I was short for time I ran the length of Ryde pier in the hope of catching the Catamaran.Arriving by their clock 3 minutes before time.The policy is that 2 minutes before boarding the gate will close.Fair enough,yet a young man leapt over the barrier and they let him on,me well i being older couldn't leap but was right behind him the gate was still open,but they refused to let me go on board.Ok so I had to wait another hour,but what really annoyed me was that when I tried to speak to the man who had let the young fella on,he walked off whilst I was speaking to him.Ok I waited the hour for the next boat.Then recently I wanted to take a car over.Fares were advertised at from £40.00 for a day return.I tried to book a low priced fare,knowing i had seen these fares on the website only a couple of days before.Now I am being quoted between £70-£90.00,I then took myself to the office,only to be told yes I thought the same thing.I sent a complaint,no response.I rang and spoke to someone more senior,he said well thats all there is.Yes I said but it says from £40.00 and I had seen that on your website only 2 days before,yes well there are only the expensive fares came the response.I sent another complaint and still no response.From Southampton RedFunnel are advertising fares at £37.50 and they are delivering that price.I would like very much to support my home town of Portsmouth.Yet I think Wightlink are too cocky by half and becoming seriously over priced.How do they expect the everyday person to visit family. Or people that need to work and use the ferry and their firm doesn't pay the fare.This cost of the service is crippling to people and some should put some thought into a fair service.I try hard to visit my Grandchildren as often as possible but the cost is proving to much and will limited how often I can now go over.


Made my first holiday in years a fantastic experience and I would certainly use them again.

What an amazing company.My first holiday in many years.I chose this company not knowing anything about them.From start to finish the reps were fun,made you feel secure,kept everything interesting and fun.I went to Pompeii and then booked again to visit Auchswitz in Krakow.Both holidays were just brilliant,largely down to Rivierra travel taking any worry or concern out of the week and making sure we all returned safe and sound to the airport at the end of our stay.I would certainly recommend t them to others and use this company myself again,hopefully Rivierrra will add to their destinations in the future.


Avoid like the plague

Too long to explain,but cost em money time and caused me serious stress for months.The saga went on and on,whilst waiting for a delivery of my daughters mobile phone,which after waiting for hours for it to arrive,then ringing up to find they had decided not to deliver but to send it back to the company.I reorddered to be sent to another address,they stayed in all day,it never arrived,they apparently had left it at my address even though I wasn't in,yet I found no parcel.I had to reorder again asking again for it to go to the second address,instead they delivered to my next door neighbour.Then I had to take it to my daughter which cost me fares and time.To add insult the phone company carried on charging me for 2 phones.I rang and rang and rang,saying I only had one but they wouldn't believe me.Yodel had told them I had signed for the other one.Prove it then was my response,the lost phone had not been activated apparently.Well it worked out the driver had signed my name ,saying I had taken receipt of the missing phone.This caused me months of stress and upset to sort out.I had just had a sudden bereavement and could have really done without the upset that Yodel caused me.

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31 October 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Patsy,

I would really like to take a look into this for you.

Please send an email to, all I need is your tracking number, full address and contact number.



British Gas robotic service

After dealing with a sudden death,somebody I cared about very much,it was understandable that i was emotional.I still dealt with cancelling services the next day after finding the deceased and kept my feelings to myself.Yet when British Gas answered. the man on the other end could not understand my English language as he himself was not english he kept asking me to repeat myself which was distressing.After explaining my reason for phoning,the man asked me many questions not really listening to me,he then refused to terminate the gas account until he could speak to the customer,for which I angrily told him,have you been listened to anything I have just said he is dead?Surely in this situation which many would find difficult to deal with,they should 1.have somebody that can calmly and caringly discuss this with you.2actually listen rather than have a robotic speech as we are human beings each with our individual story.I would never use B.Gas again,in fact I am many others changed supplier after this.

Smith & Morris (

So far an excellent and very prompt service

After purchasing 2 Barbour jackets as I was unsure of the size I needed,they arrived very quickly.I returned one jacket and was notified that it had arrived back to the warehouse and that my refund would be sorted out very soon.I would recommend this company.Very easy to deal with with the added bonus of purchasing a return voucher from them for £2.50.

30 October 2013

Reply from Smith and Morris Retail Ltd

Hi Patsy,

Thank you so much for your 5-star review and especially your positive comments about our returns service and the pre-paid returns label.

I'll make sure your comments are forwarded to our Returns Team as it means a great deal to them to know that the hard work they put in to processing returns quickly is much appreciated by our customers.

Best regards
Jane Egerton

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