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Ripped-off by insurance scam

This is a cautionary tale about the insurance scam operation that masquerades as the courier service Parcel2go.
I used them to ship an eBay item that I had sold to a buyer in Wales. The item was quite large and had a value of £125, so I paid for extra insurance to make sure I would be reimbursed should the item be lost or damaged on arrival.
The buyer reported the item as missing after a few days and after some wrangling I persuaded Parcel2go that it had indeed gone missing.
However, the compensation that they offered me only covered the item’s value and their original shipping charge, NOT their insurance premium or the shipping charge that the buyer had paid to me.
Net result: I had to refund the buyer in full (item value + shipping) and ended up £15 down on the whole affair; Parcel2go kept my insurance premium and probably still made a profit, despite losing my package!
Nice work if you can get it eh?
My advice: avoid these crooks unless you want to lose money when your items go missing!

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