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Their drivers lie, and their customer service is either unable to do anything or unwilling

I am very disappointed to be writing here, I gave DPD UK's customer service people every chance to resolve my issue only to be told that the driver is unable to return because they are out of the area. They are in a van, and they have to bring it back to the depot which is in the same city that I am in, how stupid does DPD UK think I am?

But to start from the beginning, I was very pleased to get a text message this morning confirming when to expect my package, sadly that is when their good customer service ends. I live in a flat, and to access the stairwell you have to ring the buzzer, so when the delivery window opens I moved to sit less than three feet from said buzzer, when bang in the middle of the window I get a text to say DPD UK had tried to deliver the package but no one was available to sign. That was news to me because I was sitting right there, I ran down the stairs in the hope of catching the driver but they were gone, instead a card had been slid under the crack of my stair door, so I know the driver was there, maybe they mistook the door to a block of flats for the entrance to the 4 floor inner city mansion I wish I owned and just tried knocking on the door.

Ok, that was a joke, obviously I expect their driver to understand how a block of flats work, I know my buzzer number was on the parcel, and I know the buzzer is working, so here is my take on the situation, the driver gets to my stair door and starts looking at the buzzers, and they find mine at the top, realizing that I must be on the top floor this driver decides that they aren't going to bother, records it as no one is home and slides a card into my stairwell, not even giving me the opportunity to offer to come down and get it. This is pure speculation of course, but in the absence of an explanation it is the best I can do.

I contacted the customer services email address on their website after trying to phone them only to discover a wholly automated system, the email promised a reply within the hour, it took longer but they did apologize for not meeting the timescale, but I didn't really care I wanted to know about my package, and here is what they had to say on that.

' I have attempted to contact the driver however was unable to talk to him.
I have contacted the depot and they will request he makes another attempt
at the end of his route, however I cannot give you a guarantee that the driver will be able to. '

How toothless does DPD UK's customer service have to be for a driver to be able to ignore a call accusing him of gross misconduct? The customer service department also shouldn't be requesting anything of the depot, they should be telling them what to do, and demanding explanations as to how a driver can possibly think they could get away with such a blatant lie.

I need to make it clear here, I understand that the rep may have done everything within the scope of their power to resolve this for me, but the fact that they could not guarantee that I would get my package prompted me to email them back suggesting that they escalate my complaint to someone who could guarantee it, sadly despite this friendly sign off 'if you have any further queries please contact me.' suggesting that my case would be getting handled by a single person the reply I got back was from a different person in the same pay band telling me that I wasn't getting my package today.

So now I get to waste my time writing this review, then writing an email to the senior complaints manager at DPD UK, and then another email to the company who contracted DPD UK, asking them not to give DPD UK any further business. Why? Because that is what I said I'd do if I didn't get my package today, and unlike DPD UK, if I say i'm going to do something I do it.

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31 October 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Corrie,

I'm extremely sorry for the issues you have encountered with your delivery and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you.

I have logged your details with our customer services team and requested you are contacted as soon as possible to help resolve this matter for you.

Please email if you require any further assistance.

Kind regards,


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