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Great Quality for the price

Ordered a couple of things from WoowNow not expecting much for the price but the quality is really good, especially as everything was £5 or less! Promptly delivered with no problems, definitely would recommend!

Only problem is with sizing, often they only have one or two sizes left in an item, which can be frustrating!

Quality amazing for the price!

I have ordered a couple of times from these and I would do it again. Would definitely recommend. Delivery prompt and the quality of the clothes is unbelievable for the price and the things I've got have all been quite true to size despite other reviewers here (I am a 12-14).

Quality good for the price, no problem with service.

Ordered a midi skirt, took advantage of a Free Delivery offer which they have often. Order came very quickly which I was surprised at, because it was free I expected it to take longer. Skirt came, was a little bit thinner than it looked on the website but for the price I paid can't really complain. It was true to size and comfortable to wear.


Easy, money adds up quickly!

It's such an easy was to make a little extra. I use the vouchers I save to buy birthday/xmas gifts throughout the year. The points add up fairly quickly, and although all the scanning seems like it will be tedious it's just a routine now and I do it as I put my shopping away, takes no time at all.


Online not so good.

I love Asda most of the time, but in store things seem to be missing from the shelves a lot more than usual and when ordering online they seem to often send lots of items that are going out of date very soon after deliver, which makes doing your weekly shop online a bit pointless.



It's easy to choose and customise exactly what you want and you can easily see exactly what stage your order is at. No problems at all.


No problem

Despite the comments here, I've not yet had any problem with ibuyeco for my car insurance. It was the cheapest available, and they've managed to switch my policy to a new car in this time with no fuss at all. I spoke to an Indian woman for one call, and an English man the next time I phoned so I don't believe all their call centres are foreign - and whilst a little abrupt in the way she spoke, the Indian lady was very helpful.

Just Eat


While all the takeaways available aren't of the greatest quality, this is just the most brilliant idea and comes in very handy indeed. Every takeaway should be available this way.

06 September 2011

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Great Advice

Always find the best advice and offers here. There's no other site quite like it.



Ah, Google. Best search engine out there - prettiest to look at, most functional. And I adore the features of the google account and chrome - for example, syncing content between multiple computers etc. Makes life SO much easier!


Great Service

Been with Virgin for a couple of years - TV and Internet - with very little problem. However, when there has been a problem, support have been quick to sort it most of the time.



I love my Desire HD and the support and features from HTC. The only reason that I haven't given it 5 stars is that some features - such as the phone tracker - seem to work intermittently at times. It's a bit hit and miss, which kind of defeats the object!


Bad Service

When using TalkTalk it seemed I was continuously disconnected. This lasted for months, on and off every single day, with some periods of longer disconnections. Customer service is not great.


Easiest way to sell unwanted items!

I always use eBay for both buying and selling. It's quick and easy and the best way to buy/sell things online. Just make sure that you use your common sense on things like feedback ratings etc to ensure you don't get ripped off etc. I've been using eBay for years and I've not yet had a problem.


Slowly but Surely!

It does take a frustratingly long time sometimes to get the mount of points needed for payout - £20 - as surveys are not always regular. But I love that you can get your money straight into Paypal - not seen that from any other survey site. So quick and easy.


Service good, but I wouldn't recommend a Dell.

The actually service at Dell I don't have a problem with. The ordering and customisation of the laptops is easy and you can get exactly what you want. My laptop came when it was supposed to with no problems. The reason for the moderate rating is that I wouldn't advise anyone to get a Dell. I've had mine for just over a year and they're not as great as I thought, definitely not worth the price you pay. The battery and charger both wore out very quickly and needed replacing, and Dell's own replacements are outrageously priced.


No problems.

Despite the low reviews here I never had a problem with my experience. I ordered tickets over a year in advance, and although the tickets didn't arrive till a few days before the event, they did arrive and I had no further issues.

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Let Down.

I'd used Ticketmaster for a few years with no problems. However, last year I bought tickets for Owl City in May for a concert in November. Some time during summer, the date was cancelled and not re-scheduled. I did not find this out straight away, and Ticketmaster did not bother to issue a notice to us letting us know. When I eventually did find out I had to email them to request a refund which they said they could do no problem. However, I still can't believe they didn't email those who had bought tickets to let them know. They let themselves down in my eyes.

Never had a problem.

They are often the cheapest merchant for certain DVDs etc and I love that it's free delivery. I've been using them for years and there's never been a problem - items always arrive on time and always top condition.


Great Service.

I love that New Look is available online and that it's so easy to return clothes if they don't fit etc... either send them back or take them to a store! Great idea.


Never had a problem.

I've known family members to use Dialaphone before with no problems so despite the reviews here I ordered my new phone. It came the day before it said it would and I was connected within a couple of hours - no problem at all. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because of the Insurance and Gadget Help policies that automatically come with the phone that you have to ring up and personally cancel before they begin to charge you after 30 days. There should be an option to remove these at checkout.

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Best Cashback Site.

Excellent. Nothing I can complain about... have always tracked my purchases and although sometimes it does take a little while for the money to become available it always does eventually.


Frequent Surveys, Good Amount Per Survey

ValuedOpinions is the best survey site for frequent survey invites, the amount per survey and how quickly you can reach the threshold. A lot of other survey sites frequently screen you out of surveys but this happens much less often on Valued Opinions in my opinion. Vouchers are sent out immediately where possible - I always use Amazon vouchers and they're always with me by email an instant after I request them. I can easy reach the £10 payout threshold within a couple of months.


Excellent Service, Fantastic Staff

If you're looking for a webhost with that personal touch who'll go the extra mile to give you exactly what you're looking for - ZealHost is that webhost.


It's been about 8 years and they've never let me down!

I've been with o2 for a very long time - never had any major problems, and even with the little things customer service is always a pleasure to deal with and sort problems out quickly and efficiently.


One of favourite online shops!

Ordered lots of things, and never had a problem whether dealing with Amazon direct or one of it's sellers. If I HAVE had to return something, there's always been no fuss - so quick and easy.


Slow to get there but always get promised payout!

It takes a little while to collect enough points to redeem even if you attempt every survey they invite you to, what with being screened out and the amount of points per survey not being as much as it could be. However, when you do get there, they always send the requested cheque within the time limit that they set.

Mazuma Mobile

Very quick and easy!

I received my bag to put the envelope in the day after requesting it and the money (full amount I was quoted) was transferred to my bank account the day that they received it. The whole process only took about 48-72 hours. I was very impressed!

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