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Dodgy fees and slow speed! Beware!

Talk Talk is the cheapest broadband around but don't be mistaken, they will do everything to charge you extra and say anything to get you on their contract. I imagine that's how they get their money.
The speed promised when I signed up was of 9mbps, I not even got half of that. And yes, I called to complain, a technician came around, then again and nothing really changed. Their usage caps are also ridiculous.
When we wanted to leave, after moving houses, we had to pay £50 to get out of the contract. There were different explanations for that, none of them expected from trustworthy business. The first of them was that there was a fee of £20 for cancelling the contract, which we never did. The second of them was that because they couldn't charge the £3.50 monthly fee over direct debit they charged a fine of £10, and removed me from the scheme charging me them £4 extra because they would collect the money through different means. Dodgy, isn't it? Next thing I know I get a collecting agency harassing and threatening me over the phone. Talk Talk never tried to call me directly and when I called them to complain I was told all I had to do was pay the remaining balance of £21 and the agency wouldn't bother me anymore. I asked for a refund related to the remaining two months of the line rental I had already paid for the whole year but they of course refused to do so. I cleared the balance anyway but Roxburghe kept calling and threatening to sue me if I didn't pay the £30 for their services. In the end I was hooked to Talk Talk for a year, getting slow broadband and had to pay an extra £50 for it. I'd say any provided will be better than them, even Virgin Media, so stay away from them!

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