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** Do not use this company **

Do not use Talk Talk. That is unless you wish to waste lots of time phoning their overseas call centres trying to cancel your contract or terminate your service. Like a previous reviewers Mother, I cancelled my service in May 2013. Or at least I thought that I had cancelled my service. The line was cut off but the bills kept coming. When I got through to the call centre and the phone was finally answered I was cut off. The next time I phoned I asked the staff member to take my mobile number so I could be called back in the event of being cut off again - he said that it was not possible for him to contact me in that manner.

We he checked my account he said that no call to terminate service had been received. But some how my account had been "barred". It turns out that the account was barred instead of closed. As a result Talk Talk said they could carry on charging me even though they are providing no service to me. Why would they think that? They need to ask themselves why they think they need to charge someone for something they are not getting - do they need the money that badly?

Why on earth would I want my service 'barred' and still be billed when I was moving to a new property with no landline?

When I phone and say that I wish to cancel my service it means 'Cancel'! Which part of that is it difficult to understand.

When I further contacted them they advised me that they could find no record of my cancellation. In my opinion they have a policy of doing all that they can to stop clients leaving their service. One wonders if pressure is placed on their staff to such an extent that staff actually refuse disconnections (instead of cancelling they place client accounts on 'barred' instead) because the staff member knows that next time you ring up you're unlikely to get the same staff member.

The level of service is so poor that I would advise people to steer well clear.

** UPDATE **

Following on from my complaint posted a week ago...

Yesterday I received a call from a manager at Talk Talk's Indian call centre. He is claiming that in order to cancel my service I needed to provide the post code of my new address. Apparently I should have contacted them a second time to provide this information. Like I have time to sit there waiting for them to answer the phone. This is regardless of the fact that my new address had no landline and that I wasn't planning on taking my number to the new address. They seem to be making the rules up as they go along.

They do not seem to understand the word 'cancel' and will do everything in their power to keep on billing you even when they are providing no service whatsoever.

In this instance they know that I had moved out in May 2013 yet they carried on billing me for services that they were no longer providing. This is a clear breach of OFCOM regulations and Talk Talk have been fined for this in the past. They were ordered to sort all this out back in November 2010. They were fined for the same breach of regulation (GC11.1) in August 2011 when OFCOM fined them £3m for continual breaches of GC11.1

Yesterday the manager in India acknowledged that I had paid £127 since I contacted them in May 2013. He offered me compensation of £50. On the face of it that sounded reasonable given that this over-billing has gone on for over 5 months (£10 per month X 5 months). I have obviously spent quite a lot of time on the phone not to mention the stress caused by their stupid rules which are designed to stop people cancelling their service.

Of course, at this point, I imagined that I would also be refunded the money which Talk Talk had wrongly taken thus bringing my total refund to £177. Not a bit of it! The manager moved on to explain that the £50 was INSTEAD of the £127 refund! I could not believe what I was hearing. Why on earth would I accept £50 when I was owed £127? Can you believe the bare faced cheek of this disgusting company. Is this how they aim to make a profit? Don't they realise that people (including OFCOM) have worked out how their scams work? It sounds very much like they need another £3 million fine to remind them how to behave properly because, in my opinion, they are still up to their old tricks.

Seriously, if you are someone who is considering using Talk Talk then I suggest that you just walk away. If you sign with them you will almost certainly regret it at some point.

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