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Always Be Prepared To Go Elsewhere

I routinely shop at Aldi Aylesbury, and am generally pleased.
Products are of good value and it does cut down on ever increasing bills by doing my shop at Aldi.
The downside is that while one week you may find everything you need; another week can leave you wanting.
Do the same shop week in week out at Tesco and you will always find the products available.
To sum up: I continue to do my shop at Aldi, but now allowing more time, because chances are i will have to go on to Tesco for all the things Aldi didn't have this week that were there the last.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Seems to be going down hill

On second car from Nationwide now and use to deal with a nice chap that has since left, and he was top dollar; always answered emails and always prompt at getting a response and information;
Recently been inquiring to Nationwide to change my vehicle and the response and help received so far is nothing short of disgraceful.
Most of the time if i email, I would be lucky to ever get a reply.
It's like their just not interested unless you want a fleet.
The Chap on the other hand, always worked hard for you no matter what.
Over a week ago i filled out the website price beating form, and have never received a response from that either.
Going to start looking around to use another company that actually answer queries and seem to want to help, or better still: want your business
Nationwide obviously don't care if you stay or go.....

19 March 2014

Reply from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Dear Mr Howard,

Thank you for your feedback, I am disappointed to read that you found a delay in our service on this occasion.

I have spoken to your Leasing Executive and I have been informed that she did apologise to you because of the time it had taken her to respond to your last email. If this is any different can you please let me know.

I also wanted to let you know that all business is very important to us, be it a Business or Private customer, although I do appreciate the impression this could have given.

You will appreciate that due to the new March registration letter and the volume of orders that have been processed this did caused a slight delay. I believe that since you have posted your feedback your Leasing Consultant has answered your question(s) and you have now placed the order for your new vehicle of which we appreciate.

The feedback we receive via Trustpilot is very important to us and we will act upon any feedback we receive and pass on those comments that will help us maintain and improve our overall service for the future.

Thank you for your points, and I am pleased to confirm that the majority of our Customers still receive that personal level of service you have come to expect from us. I am just disappointed that it didn't happen on this occasion.

Enjoy your new vehicle, and I would welcome any further feedback from this point to final delivery.

Yours sincerely

Glenn Nutsey
Sales Director
0844 482 9595


Merge with Amazon Another LoveFilm Scam to Make more Money

Used to like my lovefilm account; Simple understandable pricing and website.
Now taken over by Amazon, New releases are not released to view as part of your subscription, Instead you pay a subscription for older movies and rents by post, but have to pay per title to stream new releases.
Talk About a Scam!!!!!
Also if anyone currently has an Account From lovefilm for unlimited two discs at a time plus streaming it is £9.99 a month, but if you cancel an re-join, The same service will cost £ 5.99 a month for the streaming part and £ 6.99 a month for the two rentals by post.


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Worst Courier ever

Every time i see a seller has dispatched a parcel for me using Hermes, I instantly feel down.
I know it is not going to be delivered in the time frame, and the tracking will only go from one fake claim to the next.
ie: most recent parcel tracking claimed to be with courier out for delivery, but parcel never came, then latest update claimed parcel out for re-delivery (as if to infer 1st delivery had failed) a delivery that was never attempted.
One day Hermes may surprise me and deliver within the time frame they were to do,
But after monitoring them for over two years of deliveries to me, they have never yet delivered within the time frame.

City Link

Lazy Drivers

Driver claims he carded address as no one home
DPD delivered
Royal Mail / Parcelforce Delivered
At Home All Day
City Link claim no one in!!!
Total Lies from Driver
No Card Left / No Delivery Attempt
Driver obviously too lazy to bother so claimed he had left card and tried!!
Even tried neighbors just in case / but he had not even been to them.
It should be disciplinary if they mess up like this!!!
they are paid to do a job / if they don't like the job, then do something else and give someone a chance who will do it properly!!!

Good to shop and excellent delivery

AO is a good place to shop for white goods; I have spend over £2500 on white good in the last year.
Delivery choices are excellent and my goods have always been delivered on time.
The only bad thing with AO is being part of the DRL group and Appliance reviews being owned by the DRL group:
If you submit a poor appliance review; it will never be posted on their site.
Trust me i have tried with two of the appliances purchased from AO, but when i wrote a glowing review on my last appliance, it was posted by the end of the day.
I'm sure AO will claim different: but if that was the case: where are my poor reviews??
The drawback of this: potential customers are led to believe a product is good when maybe it is not so good.
My advise is always check Reevoo for reviews on products and not appliance reviews; before you buy.
Or check the web for a non related DRL outlet for reviews.
I purchased three white goods items from AO from glowing reviews and been let down twice,
I would shop again at AO but i would do my homework elsewhere first before i hit the buy button.

02 November 2013

Reply from

Hi Marc

Thanks for your review and as you can see it has been posted.

As a business we would never take anything for granted so your views and comments are taken very seriously and your feedback will be passed to our Quality Team so they can look at ways in which we can improve our service and then on to everyone involved in your order, from the Marketing Team right through to the Delivery Team.

Our 10 day no quibble guarantee is for appliances that have not been connected or used,that is true and it is used by customers who have ordered the wrong appliance, wrong colour, size, shape, model, the list could go on. Once an appliance has been connected and used, if it develops a fault we would help you with an engineer visit and get it repaired.

I appreciate that buying online means that you don't have the opportunity to touch and handle an appliance before purchase and we do have to rely on customer's reviews and the manufactures specification, this is where our videos try to relay this information in a concise and practical way.

I have asked LG about their 12kg and 11kg washing machines and they have advised that it is to do with the weight of the load that each machine can hold, and this is not dependant on the size of the drum. Each machine is designed to give the best wash results with a specific load weight.

Obviously I want to end on a positive note, so I am really please to know that you are happy with our delivery and I hope we can be of service to you in the future.

Many Thanks

Claire Willis -

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