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Great Price & So Helpful.

It's funny how prices can be so similar between Asda and others, but the experience so very different.

For example; Morrisons, you can use the self-checkout and you'll have a security guard and a customer service member watching over you like a hawk, where as Asda, customer service are at hand, but not watching over you like your a shoplifter.

My #1 for purchasing IT equipment.

I can't tell you how many times I've driven past the huge eBuyer warehouse just off the M62, but never thought about purchasing, until a few months ago.

Since then, I've purchased a few low value items and a new monitor for a few hundred quid. The monitor should of been supplied with all the required leads, but it didn't.

No fuss was made and I had the required parts the very next day, even though I didn't contact the guys until 4pm. Not come across any other business in this industry that's so robust to ensure customers are happy, so will return to these guys always.

21 May 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I apologise you did not receive all of the parts to your monitor. I am glad this was resolved for you and you received the missing items the following day.

Thank you for taking the time to leave this positive review.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Great Service, Poor Admin?

Lived in Leeds and moved to an area of the UK where you have to use just 1 provider (KCOM). I called and explained that I'd love to keep using them, but I can't due to the area I'm moving to. The customer service rep I spoke to was very understanding and waived the early termination fee - I think I just had to pay £20 to disconnect.

However, 1 month later and I get calls, text messages and letters (all literally in the space of 24hrs) from a debt collection agency! I called them back and they explained to me that I had to pay in the region of £200 as my cancellation fee for Virgin Media!

After a week and hours of tussling the issue out with Virgin Media and the debt recovery company, I didn't have to pay the additional, but the experience was wasteful and annoying.

Please guys, make sure, especially when detb recovery agencies are involved, that these is absolutely necessary - they could of, after all, called me directly, in stead of using a third party.

T Mobile

Customer Service Fail.

I've used TMobile for years now, but not because I think they are amazing, I just think the competition are awful.

Recently, on wanting to change contract and keep phone number, I was told I couldn't do this, even though I know I can. On asking to cancel contract, I was then given 1 million and 1 different offers.

All in all, the experience was awful due to ill-educated (non-native English speakers) trying to answer my questions, unsuccessfully.

Guys, with your online chat - stop outsourcing cheaply to other countries and get the job done right, here!


Faultless & Cheaper than TMobile?!

Recently got a new phone and contract for Tmobile but via Carphonewarehouse and the contract and phone ended up being cheaper than direct from TMobile. Ridiculous, right? Overall, completely delighted with the experience and fast delivery.

Love Play

I've been using for longer than I care to remember now and purchased in excess of £10,000 from the site. Time and time again, they get it spot on, even when sometimes the product is broken, their customer service has been faultless. A*


Cheap & Nasty.

You get what you pay for, right? Unfortunately, this also sometimes means you're going to sit in a horrendously filthy, dirty plane, ones that you enter clean and come out at the end of the flight wanting a good wash!

Seriously, I know time can be sparse, but not removing horrific spillages from seats that end up getting other customers dirty is uncalled for.


Great Shopping Experience.

While I have only made 1 purchase from Argos, I was more than happy with the entire process, from finding the correct product, to the basket and checkout process to the goods arriving at a very prompt time.


What would the world be without Google?

Without Google, I'd still be asking people for answers to my questions. Big mistake.

Without Google, I'd still be shopping at a business that is overpriced, because it was hard to find another shop that sold the same product/service for less.

Without Google, I'd receive about 75% less traffic to my website and probably just as much less in sales!

Without Google Maps, I'd have to find specific locations via an AtoZ map and find it hard to understand what building I need, as I wasn't able to look at Street View for Google Maps.

Without Google, I wouldn't of been able to easily find the biggest number of reviews prior to making a purchase.

Without Google, personally, I'd be screwed. How about you?


Love eBay, until something goes wrong.

As the title mentions; eBay is a beautiful marketplace, love it for both buying and selling, but every so often, depending on your level of use, you're going to come across problems with either the website, or buyers/sellers, at that point, eBay UK customer service team can be some of the biggest idiots going. Hugely disappointed and hope more will come forward with issues they have with CS at eBay.

Big thumbs up!

Usually only bother completing reviews for when I'm naffed off with a service, but as these guys blew me out of the water with my expectations, I have to come on the the olé faithful to leave a quick 'thumbs up'.

Like Hammerite paint, they do exactly as it says on the tin. As a small business owner, the most important thing I look for when contracts are involved is that it can be the shortest possible length and that, in these circumstances, the card processing rates don't cut too far in to my profit margins.

Furthermore, I LOVE their upfront approach - all pricing is upfront on their website and you don't have to wait for a call back before you get the vital info you need; how much it will cost.

So far, one happy customer.

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a pleasure to use!

Fantastic service, I highly recommend.

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