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Patronising and annoying ad campaign

Stopped using this company after the god awful adverts showing 'real users' of the site. The animated garbage they have now is not much better.


Fine as long as nothing goes wrong

I was with Swiftcover for my first few years of driving as they provided a much lower price than their competitors. Luckily I never had to contact them in regards to details changes or accident claims. I have heard that actually having to deal with this company in such an event is very difficult.

Not sure if they still advertise that they have no call centres to save the customer money - but I'm sure the amount they blow on their terrible ad campaigns more than makes up for it.



Have bought from this company on two separate occasions. The quality of the furniture is excellent. Wait times for furniture to come in stock is often much less than other wood furniture companies I've used. Was once able to get my goods in a couple of days thanks to an unexpected free slot with the courier company.

Delivery drivers have always been pleasant. Never had an issue.


Love the site

Well made website. Fast delivery and a great 'free returns' system for unwanted items. Have only ever had problems with the quality/sizing of some of the 3rd party brands they sell - but the majority of the brands and their own 'Asos' brand clothes are great.

Hermes Europe


If the company I ordered from (House of Fraser) had just send the darn package with Royal Mail it would have been cheaper and faster. It's been 8 days since the parcel has been despatched to Hermes for standard 3-5 day delivery and still no sign of it. Seemed to go missing for an inordinate number of days after 'Out For Delivery To Courier' and while apparently 'Courier Received' (out for delivery?) today there's no sign of it and it doesn't matter anyway - I'm away on holiday for the next two weeks without my holiday clothes.

[EDIT] - package arrived late this afternoon. Package bottom was all ripped so you could see the contents which where starting to spill out. Looked like something heavy had been placed on top of the box to cause the damage. Luckily just clothes so nothing ruined. I wonder if the package bottom had been opened by the courier to made sure nothing had broken? Moving my review from 2 to 1 star.



We had BT phone and internet when moving into rented accommodation. Speeds where awful so the landlord upgraded the package. The night the upgrade took place all internet stopped working. Phoned multiple times getting through to an Indian call centre whose staff couldn't seem to understand that it was a problem on their end - nothing had changed on our side (it wasn't on their script). When told they would call us back they wouldn't. Sent someone to the house on multiple times to test the line who could only say 'well my handheld device says it works'. Connection never tested by the technicians with an actual router. Two new routers arrived which surprisingly didn't help the problem.

Problem was never resolved. The contract was terminated as they failed to provide us the service and we moved to o2. Their internet was up in a few days with no connectivity issues at all.


Expensive for slow, unreliable internet

Hidden £80 charge when we set up phone/broadband on top of an already overpriced contract. Internet goes down intermittently at weekends. Symptoms of an overloaded service that Virgin aren't willing to shell out more bandwidth on.

Unfortunately they're the only supplier that will provide unlimited broadband in my area. As soon as Sky or o2 become available I'll be changing for their (much cheaper) equivalent contracts in a heartbeat.



Bought a low cost order online (~£10) which was delivered quickly with free p&p. No complaints.


Online is fine

Have used Asda.co.uk for some purchases for games/DVDs and their prices are some of the best available.

Their stores though are usually staffed by monkeys who don't really want to be there. Stick to the site.


Fond memories

Used to be good and would buy a fair amount from River Island. Then recently either my tastes dramatically changed or their designers had their eyes removed. Never had any issue with quality though.


Don't buy without a deal

Unbelievably over-priced. We only order with a Two-for-Tuesday deal. Have more than once found a hair on my pizza.

Still so satisfying that I don't care about the above.


Long live the BBC!

iPlayer is fantastic and innovative. The services they provide for the British public are well worth the licence fee - so much goes on that people simply don't realise.

Only issue for me is the split coverage of Formula 1 next year. The BBC could have done more :(


Usually awesome. Occasionally disappointing

The deals at Play.com are fantastic and I've never had an issue with the quality of any games, clothes of gifts/gadgets bought from them. They also used to be very good with pre-order items too and would always be on time but today am still waiting for a game that was dispatched Friday and 'released' on Monday.


Poor quality business cards

Luckily only ordered a sample print run to test how my designs printed. Lamination started peeling off two of the cards just from handling them. Certainly wont be going back.

Site is nice, as is the packaging, but their products simply don't live up to the hype.


Excellent staff and product range

Used to live near the Waitrose in Southampton and would always do my weekly shop there. Miles better than any other supermarket in the area. Important products like meat and fruit/vegetables weren't all that more expensive than other shops and quality was so much better. Staff were friendly and helpful - another rarity in Southampton supermarkets.

Just a shame I don't live near one any more!


Fantastic quality products and service

Placed my first order after receiving a 20% voucher in my Inbox a while after signing up. Delivery drivers are prompt and very friendly. Ocado own brand products are good quality and not overpriced. Will most definitely be ordering again.

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