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they will burn you when it goes wrong and it will go wrong

signed up , stuck some crdeit on and everything ran smoothly , cheap as you like and everything great ,,,,, until ,,,,, thought id buy a `goodybag` , its a package of minutes etc , paid and nothing happened , the remaining credit burned away and once gone i was stuck . so thought the normal credits worked in the past so lets walk that route ,,,, burned a second time ! contact them ( no landline or email address !!!!! remember this ) and told its listing on the SITE as credit so no refund , of course the phones dead as a dodo with zero credit , said the same and once again a `tough` message back
This is the customer service you will recieve , its not an if it goes wrong its a when
so ive informmed ofcom , im about to write to the bastards at
and im placing a charge back on the money
im more than happy to tick the let giffgaff know button

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