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Four weeks without a working fridge because Repaircare sent an unqualified engineer!!!

Our American fridge freezer was not keeping to temperature and when I booked with Repair Care I assumed they would send a qualified refridgeration engineer to locate the fault and repair it.
The engineer from a firm called "Repair Guys" turned up without even a thermometer to check the temperature and appeared to be totally unfamiliar with our particular model of Fridge Freezer. Eventually after some 20 minutes of head scratching the engineer said he did not know what was wrong with the fridge but that he would order an internal fan fro the freezer so that "at least we would get something for what we had paid to Repair Care"
I suggested that we really needed a qualified fridge engineer with the proper equipment so that the real fault could be identified. He agreed that it would be sensible to do that and it would be included in his report.
It was over two weeks later and only after I had repeatedly chased Repair Guys for the date of the next visit that the same Unqualified engineer returned to fit a new internal fan.
The Engineer eventually fitted the new fan after struggling to remove the unfamiliar cowling and badly cutting himself on the exposed metal.
His final advice was to leave the doors closed for 24 hours to allow the fridge freezer to get down to temperature. The following morning the freezer was still above freezing and by the afternoon it was hotter inside the fridge freezer than it was in our kitchen.
I then complained directly to Repair Care about the poor service and the fact that they had sent an unqualified enginneer from 50 miles away instead of using a local refrigeration company less than five miles away.
To give Repair Care their due they accepted that I had a valid complaint and arranged for the local firm to call the following day.
Their engineer arrived with the proper equipment and was familiar with our particular fridge freezer. Within twenty minutes they had disgnosed the fault and fitted the replacement parts.
With hindsight I should have complained to Repair Care on the day the unqualified engineer first visited and hopefully we would not have spent a month without a working fridge in our kitchen!!!
More importantly Repair Care might save a lot of money on replacing perfectly good fans in fridge freezers if they actually spent some time checking whether the engineers they are sending out to customers homes have the relevant qualifications and experience and carry the right equipment to correctly diagnose the fault.

06 November 2013

Reply from Repaircare

Dear Mr Mccrum,

I am sorry to hear you were not entirely happy with the service we provided and I can only apologise for the fact that you did not receive our normal high level of customer service. After looking into your job history I can see that our engineer first visited to assess your appliance and as you have identified they were not a full systems trained engineer however they were qualified to make an initial assessment. In the instance where by a 2nd visit needed to be scheduled as you have identified the 2nd attending engineer was also not full systems trained. A systems trained engineer should have been sent to continue working on this appliance, and for this we do apologise. It is certainly not normal practice for this to happen, however we have since rectified the fault restoring the appliance to full working order.

Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused to you and we thank you for bringing this to our attention, your comments have been noted and we are continually working to maintain a higher level of customer service.



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