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Just to start off, I only selected 1 star because you had to choose, otherwise it would be -50.. If only I would of read reviews of TalkTalk before I decided to go into a contract with them. Originally joined them about 2 and a half years ago with just internet and phone at my old address, while with them it was fine, the bill was never what we agreed to pay but we guessed it's probably like that with most companies. We recently decided to move house and when I contacted TalkTalk I realised they had forget to mention to me that the 2 year contract was up 3 months previous but they had put me on a rolling contract. After I rang them I told the guy on the phone that I actually was going to move to Sky as we wanted the TV channels etc. I was told that the TalkTalk box was as good as Sky and that I could get the Sky channels for a little extra each month, I was also promised hundreds of on demand movies and the ability to pause and rewind live tv, after waiting 4 weeks to get the package confirmed because twice TalkTalk had made mistakes while ordering the equipment etc (should have know then) I told them to cancel the contract I had decided to leave but they promised it would be easier if I stayed with them instead of having to move from one to the other.
When we moved and received the TalkTalk box I realised I had been swindled.. The channels took about 5/10 seconds to change on a good day.. but most of the time would take about 1-5 minutes to change occasionally crashing and having to be completely restarted! As well as this you could only record the TalkTalk channels and not the usual digital channels, each months bill was massively over priced what we expected and if you paused something and came back an hour later it would just skip back to the live playing.
I contacted TalkTalk after 4 months of this poop and they where completely cooperative saying they understand it was their mistake, they will cancel my contract without having to incur any early cancellation fees, they would send me a bag and all I had to do was send them their tv box. It was great, I found an amazing deal with Sky! I mean literally all the TV programmes, movies, sports, unlimited internet, Phone etc for about £38 per month! But then a few weeks later I received a bill for about £400.00 from TalkTalk. I rang up to dispute this and they said they had made a mistake and they would wipe the debt, however they could only wipe £250.00 of it because £150.00 of it was for the cost of the TalkTalk box although I still hadn't received the bag to send the box back in the post. They said they would send one out straight away. A few weeks later I received a reminder from TalkTalk that if I didn't pay them their money which had gone up from the original debt, they would pass me on to debt collections. I rang straight away and said how dare they threaten me when its their problem, they apologised a lot said they made a note on the account and then told me they would send out another bag and that they made a note on the account. I then received the bag in the post and at the same time I received a final reminder saying that they had not received the payment and if they don't within the next few days they would pass the account onto debt collectors, I rang talktalk furious saying I had only just received the bag and that I was planning to send the item out that day, they said that's fine as long as they receive it I will be okay, the guy on the phone even told me he would personally ring me back on Friday which was about 4 days later, and that he had made a note on the account. On Friday I had no phone call, however I did receive a letter from a debt collecting agency saying that my account had been passed onto them and that TalkTalk want their money. I rang TalkTalk today and the guy said they had still not received the box but he would ring me when they do.. he said TalkTalk don't have an email address for me to contact them but I told him I refuse to ring them again. I doubt they actually do write a note on the account, it seems like people on here have mutual feeling about TalkTalk. I am absolutely furious, this has caused me stress, I have spent so much money ringing them up and being on hold, one time for 35 minutes!!! and my ordeal isn't even over yet! AVOID TALKTALK!!

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