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Quiet simply, beautiful protein for your body :)

Love the Whey Isolate Unflavored protein because its very clean, no rubbish in it and believe me if there was id feel it. Have been away from bodybuilding for years as ive had a very sensitive gut and was very sick at times, not going to into it, but had to watch what ive been eating for ages. Im one of those people who have to check the back of every food packet in the store to avoid the artificial shit thats makes me sick. Anyway i reached 12.5 stone in 2008 after 5 years of training and when i stopped i dropped to 9.5 at 10ft 11 ( very skinny) and stayed there till late September this year when i started back. I add my own flavoring (Xylitol, bananas etc). Ive put up a stone already ( muscle, i find it very hard to put on fat! ) and so glad i found this protein. And it mixes perfectly and tastes like a very light milk drink, i can drink it anyway as im used to eating very healthy. For me It tastes grand either way.

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