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Does not live up to claims - dissapointed.

This is a review of 2 orders of three items....

I came across this website and was initially sceptical given the low prices on unreleased and new AAA titles however, as soon as I saw that I could pay with PayPal, my mind was reassured. This mainly due to PayPal's excellent trustworthy service and from experience, I know that if there are any problems, PayPal will refund my money.

I proceeded to order BF4 standard and Call of Duty: Ghosts. CJS CD Keys were £1 cheaper than another website that I was looking at. This was the 2/11 so the day after the BF4 release and a couple of days before the release of Ghosts. CJS CD Keys also stated that both items were in stock and Ghosts would be delivered 24 hours before release date. This is great! Ordered both and was asked to confirm my PayPal email address because it was different to that which I had registered on this site. A little strange given that I was paying with a 10+ year old ‘Verified’ PayPal account which they have done against my current account, address and home phone number. Nonetheless, I wasn’t too bothered as all I had to do was click a link that was sent to my PayPal email address. Nothing too tiresome other than the horribly formatted email. I then got an email back instantly saying my keys were ready for collection via AutoKey. I clicked on it to be asked to provide my mobile number to verify and receive a confirmation code. A little excessive after manually verifying the email address of my ‘Verified PayPal account’. I don’t usually like handing out my mobile number on the internet but what other choice did I have. I did it and then had to wait half an hour for them to verify their end that I was in fact not a fraudster! I went to AutoKey and there was the picture of the card with my BF4 key. Cool. Inputted and activated on Origin with no problem. However, contrary to advertised, Call of Duty was temporarily out of stock. It now stated that the keys would usually be restocked within 12 hours and would be available approximately 2 days before game release. I made my peace with this despite the fact I was expecting it to be a fairly large pre-load (circa 40GB apparently) and would like to get it done with as much time to allow my connection to download it with a view to play at midnight on 5/11. I had even taken the 5th off work (today) as I was expecting a late night session. I also made my peace with the situation as I had BF4 to play.

I played BF4. I played and enjoyed it so much (even with the horrific launch issues) that the next day (3/11) I was encouraged by my mates to get BF4 premium. I then placed another order for this and had to go through an even more convoluted process than for my order the day before. Even though I had successfully order and passed their clearly rigorous anti-fraud checks the day before for a c£70 order, I now had to jump through even more hoops! I now had to provide copies of proof of identity document and proof of address documents. What a load of b******s! I’m as careful about my identity as possible online but now this ‘company’ registered in Belize has my name, address, phone number, 2x email addresses and my verified PayPal account details and now it wants copies of my passport and utility bill?! Even after I’d already ‘passed their anti-fraud checks’? I was half tempted to just cancel right there but I wanted the key and didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of trying to obtain a refund. I reluctantly provided them with this excessive amount of personal information whilst redacting as much information that they would allow from my proof document. This is my f*****g passport… I can’t believe they want a copy of the most personal and valuable document to one’s identity! People can open bank accounts in my name amongst many other things with this document. The only time I have ever been asked to produce my passport before is crossing borders, opening bank accounts and for proof of my eligibility to work in the UK and this company want a copy for a £30 game CD key?! Looking back, I can’t believe I ever gave it to them and fully expect to encounter another ‘me’ somewhere in the not too distant future. Anyway, I will pay for my foolishness I’m sure… I got access to the key slightly quicker than the half hour before. It worked. Thank you.

I played some more BF4 still checking back every now and then on my emails and on the AutoKey for the Ghosts key so that I could pre-load in anticipation of midnight play on 5/11. Still no key by 14:00 GMT on 4/11. I want to pre-load and it is now less than 12 hours till launch. So much for key availability 2 days prior to release and restock within 12 hours; this has now been out of stock for double that! I decided to raise a ticket on their site enquiring as to when the keys would be available. At 16:48 GMT I got a response saying “7pm”. No apology for the delay; no real customer service. If I’d have come on to this review site beforehand, I would have learnt about their customer service earlier. 7pm came and still no key. I waited and waited. I even had a look on TrustPilot to see similarly disgruntled reviews to mine about Ghosts keys. Midnight came, still no key. Thought it would be available in the morning. Still no key now at 10:00 GMT 5/11. Very disappointed. What a waste of a day off work.

Tickets raised again. Leaving this review which I will amend based on the outcome. I will give them a chance to redeem themselves but if it doesn’t arrive with me today, I will log PayPal dispute.

Currently, I will definitely not be using or recommending this service for un-released games or if you are hoping for ‘immediate’ delivery of a game. Unless they do something to dramatically redeem themselves, I will not be using this service again or recommending it to my TeamSpeak or friends.

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05 November 2013

Reply from CJS CD Keys

We ask for ID if the order is suspicious to be fraudulent. All keys are now in stock

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