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Returns? - Forget it! - RMA Request 1227144

4 hours spent on the telephone today.

Ebuyer told us a faulty laptop could be returned and they would sent an email where we could click a link for a pickup time.

Instead we endured FOUR HOURS of telephone calls between Ebuyer and Hewlett Packard with Ebuyer demaining a "DOA Code" which HP don't even issue.

Inconsistant information was given by Ebuyer as we went back and forth throughout the 4 hours demonstrating that there was no channel of communication nor system in place to handle returns other than passing the buck to the manafucturer in a bid to try and completely derail the returns process.

Nikki, no need for a reply to us here. We've spent enough time on this issue and we've already taken alternative steps to resolve and the item we purchased is legally private. The RMA code has been provided for your own perusal.

UPDATE: 17th Nov 2013:
Logging in to Ebuyer.com (to test) returns the following:

"Sorry, the account you are trying to access is now inactive."

In Laymans terms, that's a BAN as a result of placing this complaint.

I leave people to draw their own conclusions.

30 July 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I was very concerned to read your review and to see that you have spent this amount of time on the phone trying to resolve this issue. I sincerely apologise for this and this will be taken up with the individuals involved to prevent this happening again in the future.

Having looked into the details of your RMA, I can see my colleague has advised today that we have received a reference number from Hewlett Packard authorizing return of your item to Ebuyer for a refund. You have also been sent the collection link to book your own free of charge collection.

I hope this further information is helpful to you and that we can arrange for the item to be returned to Ebuyer and resolve this matter.

If you have any questions regarding your return please don't hesitate to contact us.

Once again I do apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Bad Rep on Tap!

A client of ours held us for ransom threatening to leave negative feedback on TrustPilot after they demanded that we supply a service THEY DID NOT PAY FOR.

Upon refusing his request, the client left negative feedback marring our otherwise impeccable reputation. We contacted TrustPilot with this information requesting that they remove the negative review.

Below is a copy if the reply given by TrustPilot:
* Also shown in attached screenshot.


"I have discussed the matter with my colleagues. We agree that in cases like this, the USER IS ALLOWED TO REVIEW HIS EXPERIENCE REGARDING A PRODUCT THAT HE/SHE ENQUIRED ABOUT, BUT DID NOT PURCHASE - for whatever reason.

Because of this, I have returned the review to the website.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

All the best,



I leave it to all those who read my review:

Why is a person permitted to leave feedback relating to something they have no experience of and have not paid for?

Our solicitors are in the process of filing a case to have the feedback in question removed in addition to filing a claim for potential loss of earnings through undue negative exposure.

It would be advisable for TrustPilot to stringently review their terms to work more closely with reputable, honest businesses in an effort to outrule those who are clearly not warranted to leave feedback to maintain a more effective level of quality control.

To suggest that someone has the right to leave a review for a service that have not paid for and thus have no experience of is absolutely and utterly ridiculous and opens up huge potential for abuse.


As a closing, honest summary to all business owners:

Your reputation will be maintained more effectively by NOT FEATURING YOUR BUSINESS ON TRUSTPILOT due to the foolish loopholes in the system.


We haven't left negative feedback for anyone. It's bizzare that TrustPilot of all companies should be our first!

TrustPilot: As you have been informed we will continue to persue this matter until it is resolved to our satisfaction.

In the meantime, I'm sure you'll have no objections to us inviting our colleagues to leave more negative feedback for TrustPilot - regardless of the fact they have no experience of your service?

Hopefully my argument is becoming clear.

Daniel Evans
Managing Director
Webcore Design

17 November 2011

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Daniel

It is important to stress in this matter that the user in question did in fact purchase a service from yourselves.

Users are not supposed to write reviews about the specific product they have purchased, but their experience with the company's service in connection with a purchase.

In this situation, the user purchased one service and requested another at the same time.

I contacted the user and asked for documentation that they have purchased a service from you - which they have done.

Trustpilot support

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