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SDS London

Brilliant service and support

Excellent range of products and very reasonable prices. There was a problem with the delivery, and SDS were very helpful in sorting this out.


Consistently good service

I've been using them for a few years. The products are great and very reasonably priced (I find their price comparison to be fair for the limited range of products I'm interested in).
I could stand to get less catalogues from them - I know what I want, and buy it when I need it - but fair enough they are just trying to boost their sales.


A mixed bag

There are a few things I'd buy from Ebay, but since it stopped being a giant international car-boot sale, and became dominated by retailers it has become much less attractive (I'd go to Amazon first - more trustworthy). It is still ok for finding a few items from genuine recyclers and international sellers.


Consistently good service

Amazon is usually my first online shopping destination (exceptions being certain specialist item). Great search facilities, global shopping mall. When I accidentally end up on the US web site I'd like a button to take me to the corresponding product on the UK site (maybe it exists and I've not found it).


What's not to like - free and informative

Difficult to know how to compare Imdb (free and source of film/tv information) with a company trying to sell me something. There should be more demographic information about the reviewers so that one can tell if they are likely to be reflecting the content of the film/tv or simply their own parochial narrowness and lack of maturity (the agree/disagree helps somewhat in this regard). Would I pay to use the service? mmm probably not.

Cult Pens


Great range, great service.

Discount Supplements


- great product, great price.

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Fairly frequent on-line shopper, and generally a frequent user of computers and the internet. Don't use social network sites much (but have accounts at few of them). Mixed feelings about review (including my own) - one bad review resulting from misfortune rather than mismanagement can do disproportionate damage. Equally, it is too easy for people to write 'ringers' (like a minister preparing a question for an MP to ask him/her - full of ringing endorsement and general toadying).