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Surprisingly Reliable

I had doubted cover like this in the past, expecting there to be all sorts of get-out clauses when it came to claiming - but these guys were unhesitatingly helpful and supportive through the entire process.


Quick, cheap and good quality

"Write as if speaking to a friend"? Sure.
Hey buddy! Whatcha been up to? Did I tell you that creepy James guy that emailed me earlier? I'm not liking the lusty tone in the message, kinda gave me the shivers, maybe I should reply just to stop him getting all clingy? He kept saying how he wanted me to give feedback on his skin, don't know about you, but I didn't know skin products was really a guy area, am I behind the trend? Then he said something weird about Satan's skin, what's this guy's deal with skin, is it some sort of.. fetish?
Anyway, I'm giving those Kindle stickery things I was talking about the other day to my girlfriend on Sunday, but I can tell you already that she'll love it.
Keep in touch, buster.

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Chris Brown
Male, 1992
Edinburgh, United Kingdom