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A perfect example of what a modern business should not be..............

Very poor customer understanding and communication too only what can be described as patronising and condescending. ( I am a IT & communications specialist that understands blag talk) The only service they are able to offer 100% is lip service and that's providing you can understand what is being said. I have had over 12 months with a problem that I could never get resolved. After upgrading to fibre I have had lower speeds that on the standard copper. It has taken over a month to resolve. At no time was I asked for any diagnostic information such as Ping test / net stat / trace route. When I did manage to get them to except this information the problem was resolved within a week. They still wanted to charge me for the month of fibre I never had, never mind over 7 hours of phone calls I should be billing them for. After yet another call regarding the bill they offered me a "very best price refund of £5", my reply was very short. In the end I have been now offered a "very best offer of a £10 refund" This is the difference between standard broadband and their fibre broadband @ 76mb. They say that they will call you back, the phone rings twice and cuts off before you can answer, then you just get caught up in a text loop, I have had over 22 texts in 30 days. They are out of control even within their own remit. AVOID and give them some hope of becoming better that the worst Comms business of 2013.

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