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Appalling service.

I had to change my bank account and organised a switch including the direct debits. PlusNet were informed.
I got an email telling me that they needed my bank account details and then telling me that if they were not provided there would be restrictions to my service.
I tried to ring plusnet repeatedly hanging on for the lengths of time that they told me and there was never an answer. Literally hours hanging on to the phone, I was offered callback service which did not work. The email address provided on the site would not allow enough letters to explain the position properly.

When I finally got through at 0730 I was told that there was no question of my service being restricted. When I asked why threaten it. I was told that it was an automated email. When I pointed out that someone had written the email and that someone needed to take responsibility for the aggravation that an empty threat had caused me, there was clearly no explanation.
Apologies were offered but I am afraid I am not interested in an apology that does not carry with it some degree of compensation. SORREE is NOT a magic word!

it is actual too much hassle to change phone companies at the moment. As the phione and the internet actually work OK
I must admit as a Yorkshireman myself I find this push on the Yorkshire accent as a selling tool a little irritating and in a strange way condescending but either way I don't think I would get involved with Plusnet if I was starting from scratch again. I have got better things to do than hang on the phone for hours trying to sort out something that wasn't wrong in the first place and cannot be explained fully on the limited number of characters allowed in the email contact section.

07 November 2013

Reply from Plusnet

Hi there,

Firstly, apologies for the lengthy call waits. It's something we're looking to address. We've a new call centre opening in Leeds over the coming weeks that should help significantly (we're pretty much at capacity here at the Sheffield office).

The email you were sent is indeed an automated email and is sent when there's no record of any payment details registered against your account. This condition will have been met when we received notice of your bank account transfer as it will have involved cancelling the old direct debit instruction and creating a new one (something that takes a few working days before it becomes active).

It's not ideal, you're right and I agree it can be confusing. It's something we're aware of though and will be looking to address the next time there's any development to that area of our systems.

Regarding the 'limited number of characters' when you tried contacting us, it doesn't sound like you were using the right form. I'm warranting a guess you used the sales enquiry form rather than the Help Assistant that's intended for existing customers. For future reference you can access the latter as (you'll need to log in).

Best regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Digital Care.

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