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The price advertised wasn't the price they tried to charge me

I hadn't heard of Travelbag before but after being transferred through the reputable Skyscanner I wrongly thought they must be decent enough. The price advertised (£2180) was only slightly cheaper then other better know travel websites but I decided to go for it. I received my order email confirmation etc no problem.
The following day I received a phone call to tell me that the flight I thought I had booked wasn't available and that Travelbag wanted an extra £52 off me to confirm the booking on the same flight.... I declined their generous offer of the same flight for the extra money and I was told that they would cancel the payment allocation. In short this means the money hasn't actually left me account but I can't access the money now for several days until the bank has acted on their request. What annoys me is that they can instantly reserve the money for themselves but they then cant give it back with anywhere near enough efficiency. I don't have many multiples of £2,180 in my account so I can't now book anything until the money is available again.... And by then who knows what the prices will be... This company is a waste of time.

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Where are my goods?

My initial complaint was about the non-arrival of my order, the faulty tracking and the fact that no one answered the phone when I called (3 times).

The issue I now have is that whilst you responded with a complete cop-out about "my valuable feedback" you have still failed to contact me or to update me as to where my goods are...

Feel free to use my feedback to coach and train your staff however I would rather that you looked into the problem and gave me an update as to where the goods are... rather than just copy and pasting a non-repsonse to my criticism...

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13 May 2011

Reply from Myprotein UK & Ireland


Your details have been passed through to the customer services department who will investigate for you.

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