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I ordered some flowers to be sent to a sick relative and four days after the delivery date I had no response. I emailed Serenata at least four times using my order I'd and it was only when I said that I would take action and wondered if I had been scammed that I got a good response via a telephone call where the lady said she had emailed me to let me know about a problem with delivery ( not received) and I could either have a refund or upgrade. I chose the refund. I was then sent an email saying they would make a refund ' as I had changed my mind'. I did not change my mind, I simply did not get the flowers. No apology- nothing. I then noticed I had at least three emails responding to other customer complaints. So there is something wrong with their communications system at the very least. From my experience AVOID!



I went into a store to try on swimming costumes. The changing room is only separated from the shop floor by saloon type swing doors. I had a feeling that they were not secure but thought that I was being a bit over cautious and that surely privacy and personal security would have been considered. As I was completely undressed a customer walked by and he could easily see me over the door. He continued to stare so I picked up some clothes to protect myself from him but then realised that the full length mirror was facing the door so the passer by could now see me naked from the back.
The assistant said it was nothing to do with her. The manager said that they had glued the mirror on the wrong wall and that as he had no control of that nor where the changing room was situated and I needed to contact head office. I did this but got no response. The changing room and mirror as still in situ. I have reported it to the police but it would be hard to prove that the passer by was a deliberate peeping tom. Sports direct should not be allowed to get away with this disregard for women's safety. DO NOT USE this store.



Bt Vision box not working for well over a month and no solution offered. I have been given the run around by these Indian call centres who often do not speak English clearly and the lines are crackly. They speak from scripts and have no understanding of how to sort my problem. In fairness they did send out an engineer eventually ( on the wrong day initially) to check my box but as i predicted, this was not the problem. They will neither compensate me, nor let me out of the contract despite them not fulfilling their part of it.


Appalling-- so bad it could have been laughable.

Asked to change a first name on the ticket to co-respond to the passport and was told Delta airlines had refused to do this. On phoning Delta they said it was perfectly OK to change but they had to deal with Bravofly not me. Bravofly repeatedly told me that they had tried their best by phone and email. Delta said there had been no contact wirh Bravofly and their contract was with them. The flight was imminent and I was becoming distressed when I was told that the £650 tickets were worthless. I kept phoning to beg them to make that call. Hardly anyone at the call centre could speak English, the lines were almost inaudible as they were 'shared' and all were badly trained -just saying anything to fob me off-- They said they would ask and phone me back but didn't. On one occassion someone asked what the airline was and on my saying Delta he said' never heard of it can you spell it'. I said D for Delta, E for echo, l for Lima etc and he repeated D4E4L4 etc, then he hung up.!!!! In desperation I phoned the office in Italy where a smart Italian who spoke perfect English promised he would sort it the following day. He kept his word and the name was changed.
To finish off this awful experience,the flight was changed from Mexico City to Atlanta instead of New York without letting the passenger know so the family that were picking up from Heathrow were told that there was no record of the flight and had no idea what had hapenned to the passenger. The arrival was a stressful two hours later than the family planned for. DON'T DO IT- KEEP CLEAR OF BRAVOFLY

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