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Went to get a new battery, they offered to fit it for 6 quid...I thought fudge it, he had the tools and I don't own a spanner believe it or not.
The fitter was some old codger who put it in backwards (despite my screams of protest, funny dancing, smoke signals, fireworks and light/sound show coming from the car) and blew the alternator. They got it towed and got me a hire car. They also compensated me for 2 days loss of earnings. Fair enough.
However, they then found the car would not rev over 3000rpm and I'm sure the autocentre is to blame for that, as the car was tip top before. They sent it back, it worked for a while and now the fault is back. They now have it at the autocentre again, but I am car-less and it has caused me a lot of stress.
The bit which frustrates me most is the attitude I got from JOHN BURNETT, a Customer Services Manager. He outright lied to me about the amount of money I would receive for all the times I've had to phone them at my own expense and a taxi journey I had to make to pick up my car. He refused to offer me anything in the way of compensation for all the aggro they caused! He was also very condescending and kept bleating out the same old tired corporate script as said by others on here.
I will be seeking compensation but I will not speak to him again.
Avoid Halfords like the plague. All that for a battery!

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